Is anyone using the Ustep2?

My husband has been diagnosed for 6 years and is now 60. Walking has always been important for us but he now struggles to walk any distance even with sticks. We've come across the UStep 2, which seems to have features which may help him to walk better. Has anyone got one? What is it like in reality? We're trying to find a solution which does not involve a wheelchair yet.


I have been using one of these for some times now,   I have become very dependent on it as my walking gets more and more unsteady.  Without it, I would fall a lot more.  It is good because it allows me to be balanced and using my body weight evenly.You can get one with a small seat, which allows you to site when you need to.  I would strongly advise you to get one.

Hello swot

i have also found the ustep online, seriously considering . Can you tell me where you bought yours please ?


Hi swot

i have also found the ustep online, seriously considering.having more falls lately .

can you tell me where you bought yours please .?


thanks brenda

Hello dragons

have you got your ustep yet, if so where did you buy it .?

i am researching on line. 

i am seriously considering, walking problems and more falls lately.

thanks brends 

Hi Brenda and all .........".Attainability uk "sells the Ustep 2 for £525 on the NET, it does mention that it is best to chat to your physio first to make sure that this product is right for you. It certainly looks a great product. I am sorry to hear that you have been having more falls Brenda....must catch up soon, lots of news!

Love Dolly xx

Hi dolly and all

thanks for info, yes will ask my physio.

i did find that site, cheaper on us  parkinsons site but not sure if can order there. 

Yes look forward to catch up dolly, best wishes to hubby

brenda xx

Hi, my physiotherapist uses a galileo machine.  After 3 months I am walking unaided again and my gait has, in the specialist's words 'improved remarkably'. 

welcome to the forum.  I read your other post too. I will be researching the galileo machine.

I am at the stage where I hope to have daily motivation to do more exercise.

Nordic walking is something I am trying to get back to but waiting for new glasses to deal with double vision.


Thanks to all, will research the Galileo machine, ask the physio too