Is Billy Connolly one of the few famous who talk publicly of their suffering with Parkinsons?

Please correct me if I am wrong but it seems to me that we rarely hear of famous people suffering from Parkinsons?


Why is this?  Stigma, fear, ...?

i thought this had the makings of a parlour game . . . till I Googled parkinson's disease celebrities. There’s several top tens there and even its own Wikipedia page. Takes all the fun away.



mj fox is ok! bob hoskins doesn't say much or billy

and not forgetting the great ali  he speaks out &  closed or opened the Olympics !

Linda Ronstadt singer has spoken out about her Parky as has Jeremy Thorpe MP

The last I heard Billy Connolly had come off his medication because the side effects were worse than the PD.

Bob Hoskins seems to have disappeared off the radar. The only other celebrities who have "come out" about their PD are Muhammad Ali and Michael J Fox. Didn't know about Linda Ronstadt and Jeremy Thorpe. Terry-Thomas and Deborah Kerr were also sufferers.

Sad to say Bob Hoskins has died.  On the news yesterday.

only 71 i think ,not a bad age

Billy Connolly on ITV next Wed eve and also an article about him in next week s Radio Times



cheers ! samdog

sir roger bannister reveals he has parkinson.he was a neurologist said 6 decades on he as warned a breakthrough in the fight against pd could still be some way off.but management and drug treatments are improving all the time. news today!

good on you Gus for keeping us positive.  It is the best thing we have in our body, like laughter it is a great uplifter and healer. eye rollbut if you are in the doldrums difficult to maintain. But dont let it go from your lives

Regards to all

sorry it came out like that i was just duplicating what neurologist said in his article to the bbc.! hope i have not offended you. regards to all. 

And by the way ! not down in the doldrums ,just repeating news from national tv .SUNS SHINING & HAPPY!cool


Read the tv times.  It doesnt sound as if Billy will be discussing Mr P.  Ah well dont suppose it is any different for him than it is for us.  But it would have helped us indirectly perhaps by making people more aware of how things are.  Not for necessarily for sympathy but for understanding


good programme to watch if you've got sky on demand is on the discovery channel " stem cells universe " by steven hawkins .

<p>I saw a snippet of an interview he did, where he made a joke about da&nbsp;side effects.</p>
<p>perfectly fine. He has pd. &nbsp;But I&#39;m sure I heard the heartless bar stewards in the audience laughing. &nbsp;None of them had pd, they were, if you turn the sound right up, chanting racist remarks.&nbsp;</p>
<p>I was most offended by this anti disabled Scottishness that seems to be &quot;doing the rounds&quot;</p>