Is exercise beneficial?

Hello all, I was just wondering if exercise is good for Parkinson’s patients. I have been a keen gym goer for years, in fact since I was 18. My recent diagnosis has rocked my confidence somewhat and has dampened my enthusiasm for life generally. So it is no surprise that I have neglected my fitness somewhat. Is aerobic exercise beneficial as well as weight training? If nothing else I am sure it will help my mood. Any thoughts?

Hi Boomerang!
Exercise is actually incredibly beneficial to PWP, physically, mentally, and emotionally. You’re sure to hear some specific workout routines and helpful advice from the kind minds in the community, but we also wanted to point you to the website section on exercise (and this is just the first link of many available) here. You can even call the helpline to find local resources, including exercise groups of just PWP. As a reminder, its 0808 800 0303.
Best of luck in finding the physical activity you like the most!
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For me exercise is my medicine. It makes me feel better when I do things for myself.

Yoga is a challenge with all my dyskinesias but worth the effort. I pick youtube videos from a young lady called Adrienne.
I aim for three times a week which I can usually manage in between nights of sub-optimal sleep.
This is what I’ve been doing this week.

I might be rubbish the first day but it’s satisfying to persevere & feel the improvement. The next week I pick another one.
I also have a recumbent trike to get out in the sunshine & see people. If I’m not just going to the shops I’ll try & do a one hour run several times a week. A piece of cake compared to yoga.

This is similar to my new one though I don’t have e-assist. It’s all leg power. I love going fast. I imagine I’m on my old off-the-road Yamaha when I was a VSO in South Sudan - long, long ago.

Hi Boomerang83
I have always kept myself fit by going to the gym all my life more so after diagnosis eleven and a half years ago. At the moment I’m going through a bad time with Mr Parky so haven’t been doing so much to keep fit. I lift weights in my house at the moment and do time on my rowing machine every day, I also walk a lot and go on bike rides with my partner, even when I’m “off” I force myself as 1. It brightens up my mood (and their are days lately I need my mood brightened believe me) 2. I like to think that by keeping my muscles strong I am keeping myself healthy. As I am also a carer to my brother who has special needs I need to look after him although it is debatable who is the carer these days lol! A rowing machine gives your whole body a work out and apparently it’s a good for PD

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I have found the exercise videos on the “powerforparkinsons” website very good. It is based in the US but all are welcome. For more gentle exercise I like “don fiore” tai chi.

Best wishes.

Exercise is beneficial for the condition. During exercise the brain produces endorphins that are now know to help protect dopamine neurotransmitters. Not only this from a physiological standpoint evidence also indicates that strengthening muscles can help with the fluidity and speed of movement.