Is it just me,  Time seems to  be  evaporating , its almost possible to reach the parallel universes ,  to  touch our  future  and  our  past and I find it alarming, yesterday my oldest daughter was sitting on my  Knee  age 5, I  blinked and she was 44,today  I was  dozing and  began  to  chat  to  my  Father,  I was  16  and  we  were talking  about Muhamed Ali, Dad  admired him I remember every  word   of  that  conversation age  16,  Im  66 now,   I know  the world  spins  at  about 7 mls  per second , whilst hurtling  round  the  sun  at  17 mps  or  thereabouts   constant,  and variable  averages , this produces  the seasons of  winter  spring summer  Autumn, I understand  all  this  but  I cant  be  one  year  since last  christmas  ???  surely  not,  I  blinked  and  so  much  time  vapourised I have  lost   so  many people  dear  to  me where  have   they  gone  I  blinked  thats   all,  does  anyone   else  feel   this  way.


hello  nay  HELLO  HELLO is anyone  there, I know  some of my posts are a bit,, oooerr    arrr  errr well maybe  a bit norteee shall we say, but  surely I have not reached the dead zone, there  does not seem  to  be  a  response, if its because you  think my  mails are as hard as nails ,or a bucket of snails " yes I dont  know the relavance of  a  bucket  of  nails has to this  post  either it  just rhymes with hard as nails or even FEDS POSTS FAIL, all  I know is I need response from as many as possible as  particularily, my postings on serious subjects such as the success of the  Dudopa system or   the advantages and disadvantages of the average day carrying  around the rather  weighty pump/cassete  and the importance of making sure the tubes cannot catch on anything and yank out with serious consequences the tube carrying  the Dopa/Carbidopa  gell into my  small  intestine, my  lovely wife is fully compatant and  I will have o  stop now  a  my  wie  does  not  trut  e

                                                            more   ano  FED

Sorry  about  that,  my   wife  will  not allow  me  unsupervised unto  this  toplap so Ive  had  to  wait  until  her  return  to  complete  this posting,   so  here  I go  ,I have mentioned the two  prolapsed discs in  my  lower  back,  well  today the entity  that  is  the  PAIN  CONTROLLER must  have been off  sick or  bored  for  some  reason  and  decided to  a  FUN WITH FED day,  he  began  at  830am  and is  now  up  to 885000  on the  FED PAIN SCALE,or  FPS  so  some way  to  go  to  match my record 1463334 FPS s, this reading was  taken  by  a  mobile  device which I used  to  carry in  my  top  pocket  of  my overalls, it  not  only  measures   physical  pain  but   mental  and  emotional  stress, and  no  you  cant  have  one  as I made it with a few  spare  pc  bits. Now as  I was  saying the FUNBOYFED,, day  the  pain  controller must  be  in  a  party  mood for I have  been  in pure  absolutely distilled pure   bred  filtered chrystal  clear agony  all day , I was  going  to  do  a  few  things today but have done  nowt due  to  parky  and  his  new  mate  MR  A GONY also beloved  rang Wansbeck to  see  if I  am  going for  the  op  any  day  soon,, and was  told   the 9th of  February,I think  the  plan is with  abit  of  luck the shocking  pain  will cause  my  heart to fail  thereby  saving  the  N H S QUITE a lot of dosh  ,the Ddopa  costs a  pretty  penny,, but  Im not  giving  up (though I  really  do  want  to)  I am very   worn broken wrecked smashed annihilated destroyed and  finaly  discombooomalated thats a  old geordie  word,, it  means  kna////d  shot  to  pieces my  whole  body  wracked,  yes folks WRACKED so what    ?? I may  tell  you  though  on  the   very edge  of  sanity  the   old  favourite  of  that  Neeeewton  guy,  for every  action  there  must  be  a  equal  and  opposite  reaction   or  was old  Al Einstein I know  nor  care  not ,as I just  tried  to  move and  old GONY  turned  up  the  dial to 912673,,  and  the  result  of  this  output   of  pain  is  a  equal and  opposite effect  of me  sitting in    my  comfy chair  watching  YOU  TUBE  on  the new  widescreen  TV,  GOOD  EH    I know  who  will  break  first, and it  wont  be  me..

                                                           Night  all  FED

Here I am rplying to myself again,  you  thought  this  was  going to be good  news eh well its  not, my  great  friend and  flying  instructor is very  seiously ill in hospital with  total  kidney  failure,  and  yet  another  good  buddy  is  now  in  a  hospice   facing oblivion  with  prostate cancel ,  and I have developed  a  very  painfull  toothache ,  which  raises  a  interesting  query ,  I have  great   difficulty cleaning  my  teeth  now  thus  the  tooothache  ,  hs  anyone  had  the  same  trouble  and been  given  a  discount  on  extractions,  as  this  is  going  to  be  troublesome I can see,  please  reply I need  feed  back.

                                                                               Greets  FED

Hi Fed

I have a problem with cleaning my teeth too.  I use an electric toothbrush and get them cleaned by the dentist every 3 months.

This all helps.


best wishes 

Hi Fed, 

I'm sorry to hear about your friends. It must feel terrible, I really am sorry to hear that you're feeling so low. I hope things improve soon. 

You can find out about dental costs by calling the NHS Help with Health Costs helpline on 0300 330 1343. 


Hello, fed, old friend --

I have not visited the general forum for a while, checking in on my previous topics only.  So I'm sorry to be late in responding here -- also sorry you are having such a period of pain and loss, loss of both time and friends.  Two things I have in common with you.  First, I long ago switched to an electric toothbrush.  Even as mild as my PD symptoms are, I cannot make that repetitive motion of brushing teeth with any significant force behind it.  The teeth end up exactly as they started; it's non-brushing if I use a manual toothbrush. 

Second, there's the phenomenon of time's passing ever faster and taking our friends from us along the way.  I could swear I ended my career just a few years ago, but if this is really 2016, it's been 20 years!  My husband's passing was surely just months ago.  Yes, 55 months!  Everything accelerates as we age (except the workings of the mind, alas), and I have read interesting theories on why this is our impression.  But I won't go into those now.  For me, the sense that time is going by faster than ever plus the live-day-by-day effect of PD have created in me an eagerness to use my time well.  I have eliminated some activities and gradually removed some people from my life.  I have spent more time on reading and writing, travel and music, and all things I value most highly.  My family and truest friends are important parts of my life.  

Since I am in this period of hastening time, I am aware that the years remaining to me are not great in number.  And I know they will pass even faster than previous years of the same number.  Yet somehow that is not a worry to me.  So long as I am using my days as well as circumstances allow, I am satisfied.  

Obviously, a very significant difference between us is the pain that you suffer.  My daily pains, though they are present, are nothing to mention in comparison to yours.  When I know your pain, I shall probably also have a changed attitude about time and its use.  I can only offer sympathy and good wishes, fed.

Hello Lady J,

                         Thankyou for replying I also have  a most  uncomfortable sensation of  my life  from  my  earliest recollections to  1hr  ago  racing back and  forth through my  mind its very  hard  to  deal  with  as it  utilises every detail  logged  in  my  memory banks good  and  bad, ( mostlly bad), and leaves me very low I am  pleased  you  have answered  tis  post as I have had trouble  with  this  pc,  I was  using my wifes  but  after  only   three  days it  was  returned  to  me   yesterday, and  all  the  work  I asked  them  to fix  has  been  done,, now  thats  a  rare  event    J wont  you   agree so  could  you  message  your  e  mail  address   as  unforunately the  repairs  deleted all  my  contacts, thank you.

    Yes I am almost  continously in  some form  of  pain  or  trouble,  my  two  friends  about  to  leave us  are two  of five real  friends  one  of  whom was  my  very  own  flying instructor  and a excellent  one  at  that,  so  sadness piled  on  sadness  my  friend, I have long weeping  spells which  can   hit  any  time any  where  my  dear  Mother passing away in  July being  the  spark that  fires  off  these awesome spells,  of  grief, there will be a empty chair  for  christmas dinner  this  year Mam   used to  come  to  us every  year so  its  going  to be  a very sad 25th this year, it  will emphasise   her  loss.

  And  now toothache oh  joy  of  joys the only place on  the  planet that  genuinely  terrifies  me  THE  DENTIST it  will  have  to  come  out  it  hurts  so  bad,  so  bite  the bullet  time  again  for  old   fed  ,  when  oh  when wil  I  get  a  break   J ,  all  my  very  best  wishes dear  friend.

                                                                     FED  looking  forward  to  your  visit  to  Hexham,  you  will enjoy





   Thankyou   Kat and  Donkey for replying,  and  all  the  best for  christmas  and  New Year