Is it just me

Am I the only one to have noticed that activity on our forum seems reduced, I do hope it is not a portent of things to come as I enjoy all that goes on here and
find answers and advice sympathy and appreciation you are all my friends and at this time I need to communicate.
Yesterday was very warm here in Northumberland so my wife and I paid a visit to the local garden centre, this is something we have always enjoyed and I thought It would help with our difficulties, as I mentioned it was warm but the atmosphere
was Arctic , I attempted to chat about how she feels but it was hopeless ,I have
booked a week in the Scottish Borders in October, its a lovely self catering cottage so we can try and rescue something, when we first met it was our first adventure and I am hoping it may stir memories, It is near Selkirk and a really
lovely part of southern Scotland and is one of the most undiscovered treasures
which are never overrun with tourists , I hope it works , I know you are thinking
SELF CATERING, but I am not a bad cook and there is a excellent Pub 100 mtrs away with a first class restraint so no worries there.
So I am trying I only hope BLACKHEART doesn't intervene, that would not be good
Kindest Regards fed
I hope it goes well fed and you both can patch things up.

Yeah I've noticed less forum action lately. Not sure why...

I wish you and your wife well

Dr jonny
Yes a lot of people missing
I miss Ray of Sunshine very much.
His posts may sometimes have disturbed in its details of D A induced OCDs but he saved my life with his support , advice, information and warmth.I worry that he needs us now but is afraid of the attacks he suffered in the past.
Well, I thought, I'd better post something. But what shall I say?
Good morning semele, or should that be smilie, as you clearly have a wry sense of humour. You could tell us about you your life, the things you like and hate, for instance I often vent my spleen (how do you do that, I know of only two vents, neither of which are in the spleen ) with venom re-BLACKHEART I hate this b.....d
disease so much ,if it was a person I would beat him to a pulp with my bare hands
it would give me the greatest of pleasure, to erase the evil vile savage pitiless
b,,??*d, and I would rejoice my success to all my friends on this forum.
Hang gliding
The Magic Roundabout
Quantom Physics
Learn yourself Icelandic in 24 hours
Just a few things that flew into mind ? ":grin:

and flew straight out again "
Hi Fedex, I have deleted so many lines so I will just send you my warmest thoughts and hope that the situation improves for you.
Golden girl, I believe that Ray of Sunshine was also Hull Victim. He was a great comfort to me when my husband was first aware of PD. I haven't heard how he is and I am one of the people that don't come on the boards as much. Now my husband is retired I don't like to talk about him when he is in the room. I do like to look now and again to see what is happening. flo
Evening Fed

Tell you about me, eh? I’m not the remotest bit interesting: I’d bore even myself. So it’ll have to be something from your list. Hmmm. Quantum Physics maybe. I studied QP in university. I had to derive Schrodinger’s equation. Frankly my maths wasn’t up to it and we never got on. Didn’t like his cat, either - it got into some dreadful states (a very weak pun for all you quantum physicists out there).

To drag myself back on topic, I’ve noticed a few more new and quite regular posters just recently.

Warm regards

Hi FedEx,

Sorry if you're feeling a bit lonely /bored on the forum, and in need of a bit of communication.
Things do seem to have gone a bit quiet of late, but not just on here, it's the same on a couple of other forums that I frequent, perhaps it's the weather?
I notice that you have an interest in aviation, as do I, but only in passing these days, although I do still use a couple of forums/societies.

My take on your "Just a few things that flew into mind " :

Never been interested in ornithology, but i've just been watching a couple of Red Kites circling over the house - called the dog in , just in case?
Tried windsurfing once , just outside Reading, Embarrasing, got very wet , not for me.
Did some fierjepping ( pole vaulting) however in & over the Kennet &Avon Canal for charity once. ( mostly in! )
Tried proper surfing on the big waves at Oahu - frightening, never again.
Hang Gliding - well had a go at that as well , off Combe Gibbet ( aptly named eh? ) and parascending and parachuting, got the broken bones and stainless steel to remind me.
TMR & QP nah not my scene.
Stopped in Iceland once on the way from the US to Germany, but not long enough to learn anything especially the language.

Why don't you come for a coffee and a forum chat with the crazy bunch who frequent the Red Rose Cafe..


Hello all who answered the call, Semene you put me to shame I cant even spell
Quamtom, Qantom Qwantom,oh well you get my drift, as in continental, plate tectonics and so on, you are obvious lee of a higher IQ and thus your opinions are welcome here. 700 I am intrigued , WHAT is your favourite colour WHAT is your
quest WHAT is the capital of Romania, and WHAT IS THE RED ROSE CAFE, you can draw what you will from my silliness but python is involved, there are times each day when I tend to behave in a silly way,It improves my mood and is most definitely a
reliever of stress, perhaps its one of the resons my beloved looks at me in a strange way we are not on the same wave length at this time,It could also be the
sorry it just slipped out. Iam off to do some silly walks now, well it amuses
the neigbours
Mad Mick McMad fed
What is my quest?

Well fed,

oh that's me- too many pies I guess?

No quest , no mission in life , other than to live it , and if I could see it properly the favourite colour would be Red, but I no longer can, not always clearly anyway, so no more driving anything with navigation lights for me !

Don't know too much about East European countries, so I shall "remain here" looking at the Michelin to see if the RRC is marked on the map.

In the meantime you look like you could Bucharest so I'll let you walk your silly walk to get back to that 'box" with that Tranni Sylvania?.

Pythons- another day, it 's late, excuse the feeble attempt at humour.

Sorry you’re doing it tough, Fed.

I married someone whose sense of humour is really off the wall, so no seriousness about Parkie in this house and I get quite a few laughs along the way. It might change when things get words, I mean worse.

I do miss the Python humour and also the Goon Show, Alas Smith and Jones, Not the Nine O’clock News, Yes Minister, the Goodies, the Kenny Everett Video Show and now you have got me started. So many words and phrases from those shows have entered my personal vocabulary. Thank goodness Americans like British shows, so I get to watch period dramas, cop shows and murder mysteries, but not the above.
Hello Sheryl. You have a well developed sense of humour I like that, you need it when BLACKHEART hits ,thankyou for replying and to all you kind persons out there.