Is it just too much?


Hi all, like us all I'm sure, my symptoms seem to be very heightened at the moment and I'm putting it down to having a bit too much to deal with.

To start my mum has recently been diagnosed with secondary liver cancer and has just started palliative chemotherapy, she is so positive and upbeat and us four siblings are doing our utmost to be so too but it causing a lot of stress. A because of the diagnosis, B because we are all reacting differently some of us better than others which is resulting in low level fall out at the minute, C personally have issues with my 17 year old grand daughter who is currently pregnant ( due date end of Jan) and she is homeless so social services on my case to have her back to live with us D my consultant out patient appointment was cancelled yesterday last saw her in April 2017 and new appointment not til June 2018 and I so needed to have this appointment.

I just feel totally out of it at the minute, so tired just seem to sleep or want to sleep all the time, tremor at times a nightmare, apathy all day every day and then when I arrived at hospital to be told appointment cancelled I could have cried. Actually this morning I did brake down but felt I couldn't breath it was awful felt like the whole sob was caught in my throat and I couldn't breath scary to say the least.

I will ring my PD nurse and I also know stress makes things worse but just don't know what to do for the best


Hi Newdidit,

I feel for you it sounds like a teribble time for you right now but you must take care of yourself first and foremost, after all if you don’t look after you who will? i wish i was capable of selecting the right words of my own to help you but i think you would be better off reading the poem footprints
Please post a reply to let us all know youre doing ok, please use all the help line number and friends include me amongst them for help.

Best wishes to Mum, the rest can look after themselves for now.

God Bless.


Hi Leemass can I first of all say a huge thank you for your response it is very much appreciated looking back at when I posted this I am now aware of how low I felt because now I am recovering from something that really pulled me down both emotionally and physically some sort of virus as I am just getting over a bout of shingles. I know very well it was all too much but at that moment in time it was doing me in well and truly. I tried so hard to be as up beat and positive as I can but since I finished work I have and I am finding it very difficult work was a purpose but it had to stop after 12 years of struggle I knew I couldn’t manage it even at just 3 days. The decision to stop was an easy one to make never thought it would be but like everything I knew the time was right. Now I’m feeling more like myself I look back and think you are a moaning old git stop feeling sorry for yourself but in that moment in time it can’t be helped. Onwards and upwards now. Mum is just so positive but on the other hand I now know where my resilient attitude comes from and I recognise that face she puts on…know what I mean. Thank you again