Is it 'Normal'?

This is my first post and a little scared. My dad was diagnosed with Parkinson's a year ago. However his moods seem to change. One minute he is lovely and the next he's flying off the handle over nothing? Sometimes it's like he will purposely disagree with you to create a argument. Is this type of behaviour normal? 

thank you in advance

Mrs F


I was diagnosed almost 2 years ago.

I am aware of mood swings.  I have had sudden dips into a black space.

I did do a Mindfulness meditation course and found that the practise of meditation helped to stabliise me.

Also, of course just a year after diagnosis is a short period of time to begin to adjust to this disease.  It is disappointing and fearful at times and I wonder if some of this affects your dad's moods?

It will be interesting to see what other response you get here.

Dont be scared of asking for help.  This is what we are all doing.



hello Mrs F and welcome

Yes aberwells puts it all very well. First, don't be scared - either of PD or posting here. There's a lot that can be done for PwP and their carers - and much of it is in this forum, and the rest is on this website.

Then, yes, 'fraid mood swings can be part of the package. i can argue black is white with my oh, and can be very curt. I mostly recognise it and can sometimes break the pattern.

If you have PD, it seems to me, you're a mixture of the PD and the meds you take, and you. Iif you have side effects from one drug, you may get relief with a different one . . . but it may not control your PD symptoms so well. and then there's you: as aberwells says, just having PD is enough to swing your mood.

So when he next talks to his specialist nurse or neuro, do mention the mood swings. They're important to the family. As i always say (oh god the cat's at it again) it's not your dad that has PD but the family, and you all need support with it.

hope this helps.

Best to both of you




Hello Semele

just wanted to say 'very well said'.  Thank you.

Best to you too


cool okish

            Hello MrsF  and wellcome, yes sometimes the change in moods  can be savage and unexpected, when I was told I had PD I had no idea what was in store, I would be perfectly ok  then something  would trigger the self destruct button, and my alter ego would take over,I would argue and sqabble and pick fights with anyone and anyone, my Lady was under immense pressure as part of my problem was Hypersexuality ,and as the years rolled  by with constant changes in drugs Im ok now, well  ok ish  I have the Duodopa  system, feeding  Levadopa direct to my small intestine , its marvellous and I am up to speed in minutes when my wife reconnects it in the morning,but its a necessary evil and cumbersome And I am stuck with it for life,  if I become tolerant of   Ddopa, there is nothing more available to prevent  BLACKHEART from battering me into submission, I hope there is a cure before then.

                                              I  wish you well Mrs F things will improve      FED