Is it ok to feel sorry for my self

Hi don't really know wot to say just really feeling sorry for my self today, sick of people telling me oh it ok, you just need to get use to the med and get your head round things ,I've only got Dx with Parkinson's in march I seem ok in the first week or so but feel in need to sream out load
Mar 14th, 2pm a month ago today. Thats when I was dx so I feel the same as you Howie. At first I was pleased I wasn't dying of brain tumour but now there is a daunting realisation to what Parky is going to do to me. Think positive everyone tells you...some days that's a lot easier said than done. :cry:
It's ok and natural to feel sorry for yourself as long as sorry's not in charge. As for the future how can you tell? Better be getting on with the now and today best we can. Easier said than done though I must warn.
On dx. I was very shocked according to the neuro - really!!. I went home and literally screamed and raged for about three hours and got most of it out of my system although I couldn't have done anything else. Then I got my sons round on the pretext of needing them to pick up a prescription and when I told them my news they said "But you'll still be the same person Mum" which was just right and makes me cry every time I think of it Then I pulled myself together and googled my way through loads of info about PD and exercise. The next time Mr. P got the better of me was a couple of weeks later when I wasI was at my son's house when I broke down in front of my daughter-in-law and said the last time I was here I was normal.

There's no right way to cope with such news - it goes in stages similar to a bereavement - the loss of the future you assumed you would have. But then the "could be knocked down by a bus tomorrow" usually takes hold and the plus is it often makes you get on with things on the "to do" list instead off faffing about like I was inclined to do before. I am lucky in a way that I have been through a depression long before dx and know how to side-step it as soon as the "black dog" tries to get into my head so I haven't been depressed since dx.

Best wishes to all the newbies and oldies

Yes it is ok to feel sorry for yourself. I hated people saying "be positive".
I needed to curl up in that black hole for a while, then gradually climbed out
of it.It is never going to go away so you come to terms with it in your own way.
I still have dark days when I think of my dreams flying out of the window but
then I think of the good things in my life and make the best of them.

Best wishes to you

Thanks every feeling better today :wink:
Hi Howie
I too have days of total despair and feel very low. Since diagnosis in October I have had many days where I ask the question "why me?". I am getting better at shaking off these black moods and that's mainly down to my friends and family, who make sure I am kept busy. Keep active and occupied as much as you can. Take control of your Parkinsons don't let it control you!
Di x
Who wouldn't feel sorry for themselves when you the news that you have Parkinsons but on top of that I think those feel.ongs are also part and parcel of the condition .

When I see my husband a bit lower then usual which is sadly a lot of the time I start him off singing and try to motivate him into thinking about something else . Not so easy I know . I can't say I don't feel all sorts of emotions myself but then I give myself a good talking to and lift myself up .

Thats just the way I cope .
Hello Howie,of course its ok too feel sorry for yourself,for about 48hrs, then you
must enter PD boot camp, you have to learn to defend yourself, and prepare for the
never ending Battle ahead for that is the reality of PD, or BLACKHEART as I call
it, your struggle will be long and hard,your weapons will be antiPDdrugs, first class support from Consultants Neurologists Physios family and friends, you must use these assets to the full, also you must develop a CAN DO mentality, and even when you feel like you would rather die than continue the fight,think of the countless examples of unbelievable bravery that humankind has demonstrated, the
Spartans, D Day, the Battle of Britain,the first moon landing you are probably thinking ,"this bloke is nuts", but you will have to summon the same level of courage if you wish to fight this B.....d disease Im sorry if I don't seem very
sympathetic, but that's the way I have become, I have been battling BLACKHEART for many years, Im a veteran of many epic struggles ,trying to remain sane, when
battered from all sides, but I am still here, the recent addition of Duodopa to my
warchest has helped and for a while will fill the breach in my defences, but it is not a cure and the war will go on my friend, may I wish you the very best of
luck in your own personal War, we are all in the never ending head to head with
the same enemy you are not alone.
Kindest Regards Fedex:angry::smile: