Is it possible to get a wrong diagnosis?

hi everyone, I am just wondering if it is possible to get a wrong diagnosis of PD. I didn’t have a DAT scan but was diagnosed by a neurologist at the beginning of April 2021. I had a slight tremor in my left leg but not much else, I was put on Madopar increasing daily until I reached maximum dosage about 6 weeks ago. Basically my problem is that I feel absolutely no benefit from the medication. In fact I feel a lot worse. My main problem is my left leg and foot which are constantly numb which leads me to think I might have a circulation problem. I have also developed RLS recently which seems to exacerbate the problem. I am a whole lot stiffer since I started taking the medication and after 6 months on it I am beginning to doubt it’s effectiveness. Is it possible that I received a wrong diagnosis? my neurologist said he would review me shortly. I just don’t know anymore. All advice greatly appreciated.

You are entitled to a second opinion from another neurologist—ask = put in formal request for one if necessary