Is it worth wearing a "Parkinson's Impaired Person" badge?

Yesterday I saw a man standing at a bus stop.  He wore a badge saying "Visually Impaired Person".  I thought it rather a good idea.  Would it be worth having some badges made saying "Parkinson's Impaired Person" or "Person With Parkinson's" with a nice logo.  Such a badge might help Parkinson's awareness.



Personally, I wouldn't be seen dead wearing such a badge! But others might think it a good idea. Neither would I wear a T-shirt broadcasting the fact that I had Parkinson's......but that's just me. I have no tremor, so my condition isn't obvious. I think there are better ways of making people aware of Parkinson's; for example more media coverage about our symptoms and treatments.

I'd sooner wear a Wind Sail on my back generating some energy than that 'Logo' on my front. Mind you, I'd probably be penalised for ingenuity and have my benefits stopped! wink

I'd rather tell people face to face. Knowing some people who see the badge might think you're a fan of Michael Parkinson.