Is Levadopa helped by fizzy pop?

A while ago I think somebody posted that the action of  Levadopa was helped by taking it with a drink of "fizzy pop".

Has anybody else found this helps? If so, would it be the "fizz",  or the sugar in the  "pop" that helps? 

Any ideas for other food/drink aids?



Hi Supa

I might be wrong(correct me if someone knows) but when i had a dat-scan i was under the impression it was the something too do with the study of natural sugars transport within the brain that stimulate the dopamine that transports the nerve messages in movement ect.

within soft drinks we know it contains lots of sugars/amino acids that could well stimulate the levodopa, Not connected but when i make carp baits(boilies) for fishing i add natural sugars and amino's which stimulate the fish into a feeding frenzy.

within fruit i guess could be a good alternative too soft drinks containing lots of natural sugar/vits/aminos.

Ever fished at Fosse SA?

Hi - it is important  to be properly hydrated. If you are thirsty the pills won't work. I have to say that they do seem to kick in faster when drinking 'fizzy pop' compared to water.

Yes, i think the sugar content helps a bit.

Thanks to everyone for your responses.



I'm not familiar with  the Fosse Leyther ~ Norfolk/suffolk used too be my haunts.

Interesting about 'hydration' I wonder if a craving for hydration/fluids I seem to take in bucket loads of fluids.

i used to think fizzy pop better but now swear by straight water

straight water cant stand the taste 

Hi Leyther

in the very helpful and informative thread on DBS (11 May 2015 9:43am), you admit to drinking water.

"find the best way to take levodopa in my case sinemet or stalevo is;

plenty water or better still with fizzy pop as well and followed by something sweet eg a banana, biscuit, mars bar etc. this i believe gets the pill into the duodenum where it is absorbed along with sugars.'

I rest my case, M'lud.

I am interested in the theory about sugar helping absorption , I had guessed at the sugar being needed to power the weakened neural mitochondria, but the absorption  theory is more straightforward.


ps its reassuring to see a few old names still around