Is Medication Meant To Help With Arm Swing

Hi all,

Obviously one of my husbands PD symptoms is non swinging of his right arm when walking. His arm always looks stiff, well it is stiff as he has told me. Problem is he tries to swing his arm but tries too hard and over exaggerates the swing.
Does medication normally help with the arm swing? He only takes Sinemet, that in itself seems odd as I’ve not really known or read about anyone being on just one lot of medication.

Anyway if anyone knows the answer that would be great.

Hi Lizzyg, I think the lack of arm swing is one of the earlier things that is picked up on when trying to make a diagnosis, but obviously there are many more symptoms to be taken into account before a formal diagnosis of PD is reached. My husband, diagnosed 7 years ago, noticed this very symptom a while before he was told he had PD. Re: the Sinemet. This was the drug my husband was prescribed at the beginning. He still takes it, albeit in an increased dosage. He was also given trihexpynydl (sic) to try as his PD was and still is, tremor predominant. However he stopped this med after a while as it didn’t help the tremor much (and seemed to be (possibly) the cause of his short term memory problems). About 4 years ago a dopamine agonist, Ropinerole, was added to his Sinemet, and has also been increased slightly over the years. So I think the fact that your husband is only on Sinemet could be due to the fact that it’s all he needs at the present time. If he’s otherwise doing well then that’s the main thing. Our consultant is very much of the ‘less is more’ opinion and I agree, but only if the Sinemet alone is keeping his symptoms under control. Best wishes, Jean

Hi lizzyrg ime on 1 medication sinemet but i have arm swing always have so where does that leave me i lead a normal life as of yet


I have lack of arm swing, I get very stiff, I’m only on Sinemet, it does help the stiffness but my arm swing has not returned. I’m happy to stick with a very low dose to ease the symptoms, my arm swing May return if I took a lot higher dose (don’t know) but I’d rather play the long game and keep the dose low.

I am only on sinemet, but have increased from 1 x 4 times aday to 3 x 6 times a day.
Look up exercises PD warrior or when he walks down the rd, sort of march and gently swing his arm.
Also as his meds increase he notice when he is on an ON time his arm swing will return, but Id keep moving it gently so it doesnt go to stiff. Ask to be referred to a disability physio.
Sinemet is one of the first and most affective meds for PD,
Its only 2 years in, so its all trial and error.

I have lack of arm swing plus my leg stride isn’t normal (both on my left side)
Medication alone has not helped this symptom but I have just started a neuro physio and some of the exercises are designed to target this.
The exercises are all about extending your movements and stretching your tendons. At the moment they look very promising and I would recommend them.