Is mirapexin making me fat?

I have put on around two stone since my diagnosis.
Partly due to lacking energy to excercise.Partly due to a new found love of sweet things.
I think it’s the mirapexin.
It’s side effects are many.
How easy is it to stop taking it?

Hi Hubby,
I too have put on quite a bit of weight since being on Pramipexole, but a gradual increase over time. I did query it with the Parkinsons nurse, but she said it was very unlikely to be caused by medication. She thought it was more likely to be due to a slowing down due to PD, together with keeping to the same diet I had previously. I am now just starting to try and modify my diet and exercise a little more.
Coming off Mirapexin has to be done with care, I believe. So make sure you check with your nurse or consultant before trying that.
Good luck. EM

Hi, Why would you want to come off your mirapexin ?. Surely your meds are more important than putting a little weight on. I have put on a bit more weight than I would like but that is because I enjoy sweet things the same as yourself. Do yourself a favour , enjoy your sweet things and don,t feel guilty about it.

You’re right of course…
I am just so fed up with other people telling me how fat I’ve got.
Usually with glee.
Food was my enemy for 45 years
Now it is something I can enjoy.
Why should I care what others think??
I’m not really sure.
Why do they say things that are meant to hurt ?
Because they are nasty.
Surely they know that I have enough to fret about without worrying about my weight?
So do they care?
Mostly not.
I don’t need them.
I’m going to start being rude back.