Is my Gp expecting too much?



I went too my gp this morning too report on progress.

i started on sinemet in OCTOBER 12.5/50 3 a day, then 6 a day.

then i was put on sinemet+ 4 x 25/100 for two week's till now.

except the sinemet+ is the generic version.

I told my doctor that the results were i could walk a little easier, but i feel unsteady on my feet and i cant walk further or faster or stride, and that i have had more aches n pains in the last 2 weeks, i told him i felt the branded version was better although it was shorter in time span and the generic gave me more time span but less effective.

I asked him if he'd put me back on the branded.

He then tried too call the parkinsons nurse at the local hospital in a panic, you never get hold of her or the neuro on the phone that's hosptital life!. he wants too liase with her about giving me a inbetween pill or changeing the current pill but he wouldn't say what that is.

I have a appointment with the parkinson nurse in december, and i really want too see her too see what she has too say without the influence of the gp to get unbiased answers.

He says i'm too keep taking the generic pill until i run out in a weeks time(id have too wait for a further 2 days for the prescription) or they contact me.

So my question is ..

Is my Gp expecting too much from the medication and too fast from october till now??.

And if my medication is changed do i have a choice or do i just take what i'm told??.

if so what's my  less harmfull option's??.



Well i'll answer my own post..

Here we are 4 days later..

My gp Had a hissy panic attack and called the parky nurse.

Why because i told the gp i had more pain on the generic 'sinemet+' than the 'branded' sinemet and it (the generic) wasn't effective as the 'branded' sinemet at a lower dose.

He not listening thought i had pain because of it, What a twit.

I remember asking him too put me back on the 'branded sinemet' or 'branded sinemet+'

But alas no, either not listening or not wanting..

Convosation tween he and parky nurse they agreed tween them too put me MADOPAR.

What do i get when i pick up that prescription ...

Drum roll...

Generic madopar!!!.

Should i except it?? should i throw second best down my throat??.

Would you except a second class experience.. ?

Perhaps i should buy some tic tac's instead and pretend i dont have a degenerative illness?.

What a crap experience it's all been.

Hi sea angler I was diagnosed in September I am taking a generic tab pramipexole for me it works only side effect is tiredness  sorry to hear that your having trouble but if the generic one isn't working for you I would certainly try and get the branded one and no I wouldn't throw second best down my throat .     Let me know how you get on take care xx


Hi livergirl

I'm not sure i want too take it, the generic sinemet + was no good so why should the generic madopar be any good. it's a bit like russian roulette at the user's expsense. my instintc's seemed too indicate i'm right and hey presto..

here's a article on generic madopar for those interested.

and here's a quote from it

"The results suggest caution when prescribing a generic version of Madopar or any other generic".



Hi sea angler I would go with your  gut instinct after all you know what's best for you. Thanks for the article on  generic madopar  with just being diagnosed read a lot about meds  x


Hi Sea angler

I saw my parkinsons nurse today, and she actually told me if I was having trouble with generic versions of meds I have the rights to ask for the branded meds, luckily the generic ropinirole XL that I'm on (used to be requip XL) has worked for me but it doesn't work for everyone.

Hope you get sorted.






I seem too have it sorted pill wise.

I went into my gp practice this mornin too make a follow up appointment for 2 weeks time.

On my way out i asked the pharmacy if there was a update on what she and me had discused and she had managed too get me the real mc coy Madopar, the packageing itself looks the job, a glass pot/bottle, unlike the plastic, inside cotton wool so the pills dont move about, a info fuller leaflet in qaulity clear printed ink unlike the generic.

And the pills themselves a differnt qaulity and colour.There is 100 vs 90 in the generic.

it's obvious it's made with a element pride,love and care and i'm really glad i have them.