Is this a PD symptom?

Over the last 18 months or so I've occasionally had sore hips when I awake in the morning. However this last couple of weeks or so it's been every day and this morning I awoke at 3.00 am and I had to take paracetamol to be able to get back to sleep. Once I get up and start moving the pain goes but I'm a bit stiff for the rest of the day. Does anybody else have this - I don't know whether this is PD or something else such as arthritis.

I have been diagnosed for ten years and about 8 years ago had the same symptoms. I was sleeping on a hard mattress which I had alwaysgot on with but the soreness persuaded me to get a softer one. It was better at first but then started to get backache. Some days it is difficult to move first thing with combined stiffness & pain, then other days arent so bad. I am sure it would be better with a different mattress but I have tried several and its an expensive hobby! Whatever you do, dont get a memory foam one!!
I cant give you more encouragement apart form, if you get the opportunity get a whirlpool bath & massage it away. Dont sit too long in the same position in the evening (easy to say) And try out some of your limbering up exercises before bed.
I have exactly the same symptoms, and I've been diagnosed for two months now. The back and hip symptoms came out of the blue about 5 months ago, and won't go away. When I asked the neurologist if it could be part of PD he gave a resounding "No".
However, I realise that he was not correct about a few things, so I'm taking that with a pinch of salt too, because it sounds (from info on this forum) as if it could be a symptom in quite a few people with PD. I wonder if it is to do with the slow damage to nerves that PD brings about. That's a layman's guess of course!
Must be off to swimming now. That does seem to help. Kind regards, Carole.
i get soreness in one hip (on the good side) It seems to be related to me crossing my legs with the bad side on top. If I remember not to cross my legs it helps a lot. I think I must pull the joint out of kilter a bit by tightness in my leg muscles crossed over.
PD can cause joint and muscle pain ANYWHERE!
I must agree with that Turnip. O/h suffers pain in his lower back, his right arm and shoulder even his jaws and has awful problems trying to lie down in bed or turn over.
He is now complaining of very dry lips, having a bit of difficulty swallowing and says sometimes his jaws lock up.
The symptom I've never heard anyone mention that I find worrysome, is that he often says his head feels muzzy and he looks grey and very unwell when that happens.
I think that a virtually drug free night is the cause of such discomfort towards the morning. Gradually during the night I seem to go all stiff and rigid and can hardly move, especially on the affected side. I am sure I hardly move about when asleep. The rigidity and the hours of immobility contribute to the pain and only after taking my first dose of Sinemet do I start to feel comfortable again and my muscles relax noticibly. I would agree that directly or indirectly the hip pain is PD related.
I have pain in my right hip quite a lot, especially if I sit down for too long. my shoulder always aches too, as does my right groin muscles which feel very tight. On Mirapexin but only recently diagnosed and still building up the dose so hopefully it will improve in time.
i have recently started to get lower back pain and when sit down or inactive ,i find the only way to try and get some releif from this is to lean forward or just straighten up.hip and ,arm and leg stiffness is also a big issue .in a morning i find that im worst .
it is strange how everyone feels worse in the mornings. I am the opposite. I feel ok lying in bed in the morning. The aches and pains set in during the evenings, evenings are definitely worse for me.It is often a relief to go to bed and relax.
Thanks everybody for your advice. I'm still pretty new to all this and still learning. I see the neuro in June so will mention it then. I just take azilect and 1 Sinemet Plus in the morning and another Sinemet Plus at 4.00 pm. May be adding something later in the day might help.
i was wondering about matresses - is firm or soft best. i tried a very firm late matress on holiday and thot it might be beneficial?
that should have been latex not late
I have a soft pillow top mattress, bliss!:smile:
I too have started having painful hips and wondered if it is connected to pd. I sometimes get woken up with by pain and find it difficult to sleep. the pain eases off as I move around. We have recently bought a memory foam mattress topper which does seem to be helping (touch wood)
Hi Pegasus, welcome to the forum. why don't you join us in cafe 8. in the social pages. did think about memory foam but OH was worried he might get too hot.
hi i have a rite painful hip ,and few days ago had xrays agin on both ,i have meds and cream to be rubbed in to the rite one ,me results come back in 2 weeks time to the gp ,thing is i bin told they alread can op on my rite one cus it worn as well and i have arthritus in the bines and spaine,but i asked my gp after all iam goin through with pain in the rite one,could pd be related somehow to the pains also,he said have ur next xrays and we discuss it then ,im wonderin now if i have the probs already with my hip and op goin to go ahead,would a xray be able to tell if pd is conected if they struggle to see if people have pd really by dinosis by clinc ?,or are they just fobbin me off and i find some times they say oyeah thats pd realated when they not to sure,blame pd for everythin:rolling_eyes:
Hi all

Ali, o/h complains of pains in joints and yes he does have arthritis but it seems to me it is mostly related to having PD. He mentions pain in various parts of the body really. It seams PD affects one all over.
hi I get pain in both hips and have to turn all the time, it started months before I was diagnosed so yes I would say its a pd symptom. a memory foam mattress topper has helped alot, cheers robbo.