Is this Parkinson's or

I thought it might be useful to have a thread where we can post about symptoms we're unsure are due to Parkinson's. So much gets blamed on PD that it could be some of our symptoms are caused by something else and are going untreated.

I'll start with joint aches. My hip joints ache terribly, usually when I first wake up. It's very different from muscle stiffness. Does anyone else get this?

Hi Tabbycat

 Yep I can relate to that it eases when the meds kick in but comes back when I walk for a few yards and increase until I just have to stop, I don't have to sit down but do have to lean against something solid until it wares of a bit n then I an go on some more, sitting still for to long has the same effect and then I have to stand up ! It can feel like hot lead in the hip joints, I've had scans n tests but nothing shows up so it seems to be PD related , I've always enjoyed walking and was a keen hiker until this slowed me down , i still try to walk as far as possible each day but that's getting shorter and taking longer every day.

Live well. Cc

Thanks Cheshire Cat.

How annoying! I was hoping it was due to something more treatable.sad face