Is this the usual pattern for PD

Hi I’m new to this my husband has recently been diagnosed with PD and lewy body dementia. He also has postural hypertension with causes his blood pressure to drop as soon as he stands up.
He cannot walk very far and has to use a Walker. He has no upper body strength. I have to help him getting to the toilet because he can fall so easy he no longer can stand and always sits to use the toilet.
He has episodes when trying to get from A to B he has to sit down before he can move on during this time he can go into a seizure like episode where he has a vacant look and a very stiff upper body. After a minute or two he recovers and is able to continue. His sleep has become very noisy and restless. My question is, is this the normal pattern for PD ?

We’re sorry to hear about your recent difficulties while trying to support your husband. We can assure you you are not alone and that you will find many similar expressions here in the forum community. We have a wealth of helpful information on our website for carers as well as people with Parkinson’s. You may find this a good place to start. We also have a free and confidential helpline staffed with friendly and extremely knowledgeable advisers who can help you find assistance in your area and are happy to listen when you need an ear. We strongly advise calling, as they are truly lovely and are always happy to help. You can reach them at 0808 800 0303.
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Your are in the right place for information, I watched a webinar hosted by Michel from nosilverbullet, they had Pro Bas Bloem talking about importance of diet, one of the topics he discussed was Hypertension, he suggested a ice water first thing in the morning whilst getting out of bed, also little more salt intake, please do consult with your specialist before doing any of the above.

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Restless sleep, vivid dreams and acting out your dreams is certainly fairly common. Postural hypotension is also common a combination of the pills and the illness. It tends to get worse with time

The seizure like episode could be freezing which is common later on in PD. However I would talk to your doctor about those episodes in case they are something else and in case they can alter his medication to improve matters. It sounds like a physiotherapist and occupational therapist would also help.

I hope things get easier for you both,


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Hi Thankyou for the advice we are going to the memory clinic in January to see how his memory is and hopefully give us some information on PD which we haven’t had yet. Diagnosed in July and told he would have to go to the memory clinic the consultant didn’t think he could have medication due to his postural hypertension.
Many thanks for taking the time to read my post.

Hi again my husband is having new symptoms now which are when he gets up after sitting for a while, he manages to get to another chair after 2 metres walk before he starts to shake and going into what seems like a seizure. He becomes ridged his tough curls up in his mouth he does almost fall off the chair if I wasn’t there to watch him. After a minute or too it passes then he is back to normal and able to continue. He doesn’t really remember what had just happened.

HI, that sounds very distressing. I can’t tell you what that is except to say that if it’s predictable it’s less likely to be a seizure. I would talk to whoever is easiest to get hold of - GP, PD nurse or Neurologist after Christmas. Should be a normal working day on Wednesday. From what you say I doubt he is but if your husband still drives then I don’t think he should be at the moment.
I hope things settle down for you both and get easier,

Hi thanks for your reply I will speak to the hospital when we go nx Tuesday. He doesn’t drive hasn’t for over 3 years.

Hi everyone been to hospital today and after 3 hours of tests and talking the consultant now thinks he has MSA which some of his symptoms are very similar to PD. He is going back next week for a MRI on his brain although he has had mri’s before but they said they wanted up to date scan. It’s not good news as it is progressive more so then PD.

i’m orry to hear that but hopefully this wull help you both get the help you need.
Best wishes.