Isnt it strange




   You know when there isnt much of interest on the tv and its necessary to channel surf , it does not matter where you click onto the b????y adverts are on,also whenever there is a very absorbing interesting or exciting program on and you are really enjoying it,  yes the ads, every 5mins, they do this for a reason, the Ads people they know you are keen on the film or detective story and wont leave the channel in case you miss a  vital scene, so they pile in the ads,that never works with me, as the first milliseconds of the uninvited ad appear I click onto BBC 1 OR 2 and allow enough time for the ads to cease, and I am 9 out of 10 times correct the program is just about to restart , I have a little private war going on with the advertising industry, its a case of if I want something I do not need those" flipping "ads pushing everything from cars to oven chips into my front room, do any other members of this Forum have     AAA    Anti Ads Aideas,.

                                       Regards  Fedcool

I know what you mean but sometimes the ads are more creative than the programmes themselves. The bedfordshire beer ads featuring the late Rik Mayall made better viewing than most of the cowell factor and similar. Staying with beer most of the famous Dublin based stout ads are worth waiting for. I could go on and on about beers that are reassuringly expensive or 'probably.....' but I won't in case you think I have a one track mind.

At least the adverts are honest about being adverts, lots of other TV output has product placement or is built round some celeb pushing a book or DVD.

Come to think of it sometimes race horses or football grounds get renamed in advertising deals..... maybe  you should invite another courier company to bid for the advertising rights to your forum name :-)

Elegant Fowl (meds supplied by the NHS)



             Hello Elegant fowl

                                 The only ads I like are the meercats

                                                                    Kindest Regards  Fed


Fair point. They are very good. 



    They have got to be the cutest animals and have strong family bonds but also a strict pecking order, only the top echelon are alowed to be pregnant and the youngsters are kept on a short lead and not allowed to wander  off they are also very territorial tolerating no other gangs on their patch, these delightful creatures could teach us a thing or two when it comes to caring for the young and elderly their community spirit is high on the list of priorities, another of Africas astounding animals is the Honey Badger, as its name  suggests its  favourite grub is honey, it will stop at nothing to tear apart the hive of the African honey bee, the most dangerous bee on the planet, two or three stings can  kill a human yet this single minded member of the Badger family can tolerate thousands of stings and will only back off when taking hits on or around the eyes it  even has  the capability to close off its nostrils preventing painful stings there, another favourite snack enjoyed by natures eqivalent of the Armies Main Battle tank, the Challenger 2, is snakes any kind of snake will do but the Honey Badger has a taste for the most venomous snakes, such as the Black Mamba, which can grow to 14ft long, the Spitting Cobra which spits venom blinding its victims, thats no prob for our little fried he finds them  delicous, also high on the list of preferred culinary delights is the Puff Adder,  can you honestly think of a more dangerous horrible menu,it also has no fear of carnivores 10 times its size taking on Hyena Cheetah and even Lions are very wary of this small black and white mobile war zone, I do admire them, they will not back down , this often results in their demise if they decide to face down a fully grown male lion, which will easily overcome  this amazing creature

                                                            Kindest regards  FEDcool



A honey badger sounds like the kind of guy that its better to have with you than against you.

A meerkat-honey badger cross would be interesting. A fearless thug with a social conscience. MeerBadger!!




Hello EF

               The world is filled with amazing and varied life, much of it on the verge of extinction as a consequence of human activity, go on You Tube and type Koko the Gorrila and be amazed, and moved.

                                            Kind Regards   Fedcool




Helo, nope thats one of those noisy WOKKA WOKKA   Aircraft that rescues folks in distress  I mean Hello Dolly, I hope you are well , I have had a bit of trouble with palpatations and also bother with the Duodopa, well not the pump but where the tube enters,, well we  wont go there as Im a bit sqeeeeemyish but it involved blood too much of it, but dont worry its sorted, Granulation was the cause and Im ok now I have been very ON today apart from when I woke up this morning when I was like a zombie,but Ddpa sorts it  very quickly and the rest of the day I have done well up to the problem, Ithink I have done too much Im my own worst emememeny at times Dolly and receive many scoldings from she who must be obeyed, but such is life. I too was very moved by KOKOs reaction when she found out her kitten was dead, there are only 2014 Gorrillas left in the wild due to murdering BA/????S killing them to make magic potions and to eat wouldnt it be nice to shoot them in both kneecaps and burn them at the stake then fine them £150 000 and give them a good ticking off,I would pay to watch that.  Well Dolly Im off to bed now as I have had enough of today or yesterday rather.

                                      Have a brilliant dat today         FEDcool

HI YOUNG FED coolI would go further than that.....i would use the ignorant killing B*******s for experimenting on....preferably without aneasthetic!! they are a waste of space and should be made to suffer a slow miserable death like those poor beautiful creatures have to endure, it makes me so upset and furious the way some people treat animals. I belong to several animal charities and have a couple of collection boxes in my hall which i tend to guide visitors towards when they leave my house!!!razz(no pressure)....MUCH!!

YES I UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU MEAN ABOUT OVERDOING THINGS....when you are feeling on a bit of a high you just want to do everything you can don't  you?....then pay for it after unfortunately. The last couple of days have been like that here, i had a days notice that old pals were coming to stay, just overnight but that entails more shopping, beds, etc. Also i gave her a bit of a pampering as she had breast cancer, chemo etc and her hair has now grown back, very fine and sparse but she wanted it styled, and so i did and then gave her an hours relaxing foot massage with some oils, it was lovely to do that for her, and it made her feel so much better about herself. I also had a couple of clients in the evening to do and had also made arrangements to go out for a meal with a dance pal and her Husband, then last night our Son and his lady came round to watch Cricket with us and treated us to a Pizza which was so good, just to relax, trouble was by then i was so knackered i fell asleep on the settee!!!!!!!

I am sorry you suffer the palpatations, it is a horrible feeling isn't it? light headed and out of breath and more shaky, i never know if it is anxiety or the meds or the parky or maybe all of it. Does your pump kick in by itself or do you have to work it manually? i know very little about them, but as long as it helps you that is the most important you have "ON" and "OFF" times with it then?

You would have backed me up when i was on the bus a couple of days ago. It was packed and we were sitting behind the seats for disabled and elderly, there were 2 young people sitting on them who were clearly not either. The young mans Grandad was in a wheelchair facing them, thats fine but when a couple of frail elderly folk both with sticks got on and were standing near the driver because these B******s (there is that word again!!!) didn't move off their backsides ...i saw RED!!! i know i was taking a chance because people can turn on you but i found myself giving them a mouthful, and yes i got plenty back!!! and so i carried on and told them they were ignorant ************s. Their attitiude was why should we move? my Grandad is disabled!! i said yes he is and he is entitled to sit where he is but you are not. (i can feel the blood pressure rising)!!! young FED, so i won.t go on anymore, but you get the drift? We were brought up to treat elderly and those less fortunate with respect....where the hell did that go?

I have now slowly climbed off my soap box!!! i can't change the world but i will have a damn good try....what dya rek? 

Keep rockin me old mate......and keeeeeeeeeeeeep smiling big grineekcool


luv Dolly x




            Hello Dollybig grin

                       As you can see I am pleased to here from you,the trouble you had on the bus I had at the shooting ranges yesterday,or was it Friday, I honestly cant remember,anyway  me and a friend went to the rifle ranges as its a while since we have been and you must keep practising or  you get out of trim as it were,It was fine and sunny and they are so friendly there, my first visit must be 2yrs since,once the guys realised I was disabled they could not do enough for me, but there is always one a,.....e eventually always, and so it was Friday, I think, a young lad was visiting in his wheelchair and the only free space was about  two thirds of the way down the line of shooters so I went to help him,and the bloke that was with him went completely off it telling me to mind my own business and that  he could manage, but as there is not a huge amount of room in the Gallery everyone moved along the lineup allowing the lad in the wheel chair to be first in line,  this made this bloke worse he was really upsetting his, well it would be his son  Isuppose  ,I phoned for the rangemaster as the situation was looking bad and two of the guys are ex HMPS built   like brick s?heds  he told me he knew and was there in two minutes,he escorted the thug for want of a word,out of the Gallery when he was gone the youngster settled and with encouragement was soon shooting well. he was still there  when we left so I still dont know what it was all about, there was no sign of  the numbskull but my mate said he looked as if he was on something,, so junkies and powerful Air Weapons dont mix  Dolly with the latest having muzzle velocities  of upwards of 5-1100fps they can kill,

          So went the day, spoiled it for us never mind the young lad.  

                                          Kindest regards Dolly keep in touch ,I am thinking of doing a quiz consisting of questions about the cinema , you know  funny put downs  from different movies like DIRTY HARRY     WELL, DO  YAH FEEL LUCKY that sort of thing.           Fed




Hello  Dolly, just to add to my last post, the guy was high on heroin and gin, he was driving while in this state and was the boys brother, he was arrested and taken to the local nick, what a example for that young lad eh DOLL, im off on my pocket rocket now but dont worry I dont have the range to get to brighton Righton Dolly

                                 coolits sunny take care SUNBEAM,,,you eternal service I am at

                                                                          FEDbig grinAnd Im happy

Good evening young Fed cool.....can you believe i have just spent the last 20 minutes replying to you and it disappeared into who knows where?????? what a pain!mr green. It is always great to hear from you matey and glad to know that you are feeling Happy big grin

What a day you had on the shooting range didn't you? and that bloke was driving a car in that state? i hope they throw the book at him. only takes one bad apple to spoil things  for everyone else doesn't it?

Mr Dolly is now having problems in the waterwaorks department as well as everything else bless him so i took him back to the GP today because we have both been worried and she is going to write to the Neurologist and see if they can possibly bring his appointment forward, also a blood test tomorrow for never rains but it POURS!! so to speak.razzwe are going away for a few days at the end of the month only locally so if necessary we can get back easily for an appointment, it will just be nice to be waited on and have a swim and a bit of line dancing though Mr Dolly won't manage it this time sadly, but a change of scene does you

So have you ever visited Brighton Fed? i am sure you must have done in the swinging 60s....didn't you once walk with your Mum when you were a youngster from Hastings!! We used to live in the town but  now we are  about 10 mile along the coast ,it is always good to go back for a day and reminisce though, poodling around the Lanes and on the Pier etc. I am certain that you would have been there on your bike in the leathers when the Mods and Rockers were around?cooljust imagining!!cool

Hope you are enjoying this gorgeous weather and not getting tooooooo pink red face......

Love the idea of a film quiz matey.....will look forward to that 

Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeep well ........smiling .....and most of all ROCKIN' .....big grin

Nitey nite .....sleep well

luv Dolly x