It is all down to Bacteria

Parkinson’s strikes 50% more Men than Women. Why? Because women do not use Urinal pans; They sit to wee, and naturally rid themselves of stools more often. Maintaining a more healthy lifestyle and predominately a better more balanced Microbiology.

But let us not forget the Bacteria in our airways and throughout the body, these have to be in balance and in place as well. :smile:

I find it fascinating how anyone can even suggest women ‘rid themselves of stools more’ then men.

I find it even more interesting that after making this bold statement that this is attributed to men using an urinal rather than a sit down toilet.

You are actually suggesting that men would be less likely to have Parkinsons Disease if they stopped using urinals.

I cannot speak for all women but I tend to ‘rid my stools’ when required not as a while I am sitting here I might as well, thought.

I do think men are capable of opening a cubicle door when out in public toilets.


How many men have a urinal at home ? How many men use public toilets, or workplace lavs. I am not certain but most may like to go to their own bathroom, have a read of the newspapers, some men sit down for a wee (shock horror) as they may realise their ‘aim’ is not what it used to be.

Whilst attributing the increase in males getting PD is due to men not sitting down to have a wee, pee or even a jimmy riddle is in itself ridiculous, it is to me very amusing.

I do understand the longer waste products remain in the body could have a toxic impact so perhaps ‘keeping regular’ is a good idea.

God knows where you can obtain data/evidence to support your claim that women ‘poo’ more than men, and then offer an explanation as to why.

Thank you for your response Teehee,

When I sit or squat for a pee, (even more so, following the recent biological changes I’ve instilled) my anal muscles are quite naturally, automatically, activated in checking for, and dispensing any stool of what ever size and condition. But when I stay standing for to pee, those muscles are not activated in the same manner (beyond perhaps, in passing a little breeze).

Primitive as it sounds, since the dawn, Men have evolved with a tendency to stand and pee. It is an inbuilt, conditional aspect in behaviour, rising from the instinctive response to protect certain parts (especially in the long grass :smiley: ) for the Survival of their genes.

Indeed, it is not unheard of, for groups of little boys (prior to puberty) to be holding contests to determine the dominate male (without coming to physical blows with the fists); with those who can pee the furthest distance from the ground up the trunk of a tree being seen as the top dogs.

So my claims based upon ‘pattern in behaviour’ are I admit, formed upon my observations of the Natural world.

Suffice to say in my opinion, during the course of each day, the male’s trigger & response muscles will quite naturally await until being actively activated, through conscious thought, by the physical motion in squatting, or sufficient bulk, when the pressure of mass kicks in, to indicate they really do need to sit or squat before it is too late.

Let us not also forget, that in the art of potty training, we effectively condition our body; Teaching out, or overriding these Natural reflex mechanisms to become, dare I say, ‘blindly in control’ of our lives, with the holding of urine and excrement for the conveniences of modern day life.

Blind to the fact that we may well be: Not only altering the behaviour (the very nature in DNA, fluidity and mobility?) and the efficient effectiveness of ‘good Bacteria’, but systematically disabling 'ourselves of the ‘necessary speed in responses’ to dealing with those changes, while at the same time coping with the continual onslaught from our Environment; ie., Over time, we are becoming chockablock with the build up of toxins and unable to cope to the point, when the Peripheral nervous system starts collapsing leaving the Central nervous system open to any ongoing attacks and the eventual cyclic development of PD.

Be amused all you like, but I think in regards to Parkinson’s Disease, we are constantly nurturing the ‘good bacteria’ throughout the whole body into being ‘alien bacteria’ which is very sadly having the last laugh.

It is a interesting subject, there is no doubt about that. I am sure there is an element of truth in what you say.

It is always useful to read theories on subjects as long as they are presented as such. It is only my opinion but not a fan of information presented as fact, when there is no evidence based research to back up that claim. Generalisation and assumptions do not usually feature in research.

We will agree to differ on that point.

Hi, Beauxreflets and TeeHee,

This a moving subject, with that can generate a lot of foul air and put a strain on many researchers and cause a free running debate.

It is claimed that many of the bacteria required for a healthy gut are ironically the source of the rogue proteins and antibodies.

Enough of the puns. there is an interesting thesis by Meredith Wadman published on June 27th.2017. Well worth reading.

There seems to be strong evidence that rogue proteins, such as Lewy Bodies can cause havoc by destroying cells or cell structures, in the brain and elsewhere. Also rogue anti-bodies can destroy good cells such as dopamine cells. Wadman is saying that, also normal protein (aS) can migrate from overloaded nerves in the gut to nerve cells in the wall of the brain.

If science can find a way of preventing rogue protein from developing, plus preventing (aS) migrating from the gut to the Brain wall, there could be a breakthrough in the prevention or cessation of some pretty grim diseases, including PD, Alzheimers and Dementia. plus other catastrophic brain disorders such as CAA, the disease that killed my twin brother

Hope this is informative. I am merely a layman in this area.


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I agree that bacteria in the gut etc is a researched area that leads a debate on the role of bacteria.

That is not the source of my amusement or difference of opinion. It is the suggestion presented as ‘fact’ that men are more likely to get Parkinsons because they do not sit down to have a wee.

If that was the case no woman would get parkinsons? It was merely a comment on that issue, not actual research on bacteria.

Thank god the mere action of ‘squatting’ which means sitting on the toilet seat does not ‘activate’ the process of a number 2 otherwise the mere action of sitting would activate that response , ridiculous in the extreme men sit down all the time like women on the bus, on a chair and as far as I am aware are not compelled to rid themselves of toxins !

I give in, research great lets look at gut bacteria, toxins but lets leave out potty training and other ‘theories’ and gender.

TH over and out.

Many thanks Juless77,

I have read up quite a lot upon the research surrounding α-synuclein (αS) and rogue proteins (although not the particular article you drew my attention to). To the extent of personally thinking very carefully upon loading my diet with to much bacteria, which is why I politely questioned suggestions by others upon Kefir in my post associated with this one (as it does not do any power of good for me; but I will leave it at that).

I just hope that the apparent wakening up I somehow instilled in my peripheral nervous system proves fruitful, as I quietly wait for a reply, response from a Research Department here in France

Thanks again

I watched a BBC programme reviewing research on healthy bacteria, as a means to ensure nutrients were absorbed fully by the gut. Recommendations were to consume kefir, amongst other foods.

This is part of my healthy eating campaign. As with most research if you look long and hard enough there are opposing conclusions.

It suits me as keen to maintain muscle strength, bone density . I am happy to accept the concept that a remedy for one is ‘poison’ to another, as there is the inevitable complex issue of balance.

One size does not suit all. I guess it depends on your own health priorities.

I wish you well with your blog, if you get enough views, you may be offerred an advertisement deal. I understand some ‘bloggers’ can earn rewards for information or products mentioned.

As you say we are all different and I am often saying case by case.

As for my blog and website, I am just trying to share hopefully helpful knowledge.

I am not fussed upon viewing numbers and I have purposely avoided any advertising for obvious reasons here in.

It is good to know some great research is going on and hopefully the tide will gently turn for us all.

Many thanks

That’s a shame was hoping for a deal with Kefir :blush:

Your photography is stunning, not seen any sculptures but admire people with creative giffts.

May your journey with Parkinsons be as happy and slow progressing as possible, mine too!

I do love a debate , I believe it exercises the brain I was not trying to exorcise you. (hope not lost in translation)

Hi again Teehee,

You may laugh at me saying this, but having ‘reset’ my Peripheral nervous system ( for better or worse as time may tell) I do actually get a faint ‘sensation’ as I sit and it took me quite by surprise (just as the return of an itch directly along the scar line from surgery on my arm a few years back, as though it is still healing after all those years).

Now I know live bacteria is recommended for keeping the gut mobile, just as I now bacteria continues multiplying unless knocked on the head by antibiotics etc. My fear is that if the folding rogue proteins prove to contribute to PD are derived from overdosing with certain food types, then for some, choosing the right method to maintain regular movement (if they have that stuck problem) is going to be very important in relation to how the disease progresses or slows down.

Taking it a thought further, if it is a food type creating these apparent rogue proteins; Could a tiny biopsy, allergy test, identify what or which food types each different patient should go steady on?

Kindest regards

Hi @beauxreflets,

I hope all is well.

Apologies for my delayed response to your initial post, I actually passed your query onto our research team for them to advise me on this.

Whilst we’re not sure why more men are slightly more likely to get Parkinson’s than women. One theory is that oestrogen could be protective against Parkinson’s. However, we have explored the topic of gut bacteria and Parkinson’s on our blog which you may find interesting which you can find here and here.

I hope you find this information useful.

Best wishes,

Hi Reah,

Thank you for your reply, the gut bacteria aspect is very interesting and most important towards solving, controlling and preventing PD and like many no doubt, I am grateful to all who are exploring every avenue; Thank you All.

Your point upon oestrogen is a helpful note too, thank you.

Kind regards

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Thank you for your complements re my photography by the way TeeHee; while I :blush: punish myself for ‘my moment in’ taking my eye off or forgetting about the bigger picture.

I should not have done (selfish me :blush:), bearing in mind that my brother died with Multiple Sclerosis which also has a factor highlighted with or by α-synuclein (αS) and indeed where the gender anomaly is perhaps counterbalanced to some extent.