Its all coming back

Parkinsons to me its a curse
My wife keeps telling me
It’s all coming back and
I’m getting worse

The tremors and the shakes
The slowness when I move and the time it takes.
The sticking to the floor and the shuffle when I walk
The dribbles from my mouth when I try and talk

I find myself staring into space for no apparent reason
She says i`m in a world of my own or perhaps its just fishing season
It’s time to look hard at the medication and see the Nurse
It’s driving me mad and before I end up in a hearse

I am not sure how much more of me my wife can take
She has arranged to get away for a week.
with some lady friends from the cross stitching club
We will talk on her return an answer we will seek

Try as I might
It’s not easy to change
but change I must
To continue my fight

My son is taking me fishing on Monday
All being well it should be a fun day
Then back home to watch England with a couple of beers
What better way to start the week – Cheers!

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Hi Malc.
I understand that your wife is under stress but she has to know that you need her.
Have you tried getting away together?

I do feel for her but when you get married you sign up for the shit as well as the numerous good times I’m sure that you have had together.

Sorry if I’m sounding a bit harsh.
I’m not putting her down, but she is your front line defence.

Maybe you are holding back on telling her everything?
Maybe she doesn’t realise what you go through every day just to get out of bed , washed,shaved and dressed.
Your tiredness,guilt,difficulty concentrating,apathy.

All part of PD.
All things you need help with.

Show her this post please!!!

It’s not to make her feel guilty.
Just to make her aware.


Hello Hubby,

I really appreciate the time you have taken to respond to my thread.
It is sometimes good to get another person’s take on your problems,
especially when they, themselves share the same difficulties in life.

Your suggestion about going away together is probably a good idea.
I have been retired now for 16years and we seem to have developed a habit of being away on our own for a break, just like we are now.
My normal response would be to say “it works for us.” I will, however, take your advice and arrange something. Thanks for that.

We also have an appointment with the Parkinsons Nurse next Monday and that will give us an opportunity to review my medication.

The fact you responded in the manner you did shows you are a caring person.

Thank you, H.
Best Wishes,


Hi Malc.
It’s all about what works for you and your family.
We have four generations living here in Spain under a not very big roof.
There is a lot of tension at times so my wife and I decided we’d have the odd weekend away.
We found we really got along in the different environment.
We actually still like each other.:joy::joy:
I’m no guru Malc.
I dread what this disease holds in store for me.
While I can still do stuff though, I’m going to do stuff.
Priorities have changed.
My life has changed.

Sorry if I’m not my usual self tonight but my son had his tonsils out last week and he’s had to be taken back in tonight with complications.

Hi Hubby,

Sorry to hear about your son, I hope he recovers well and is soon back home.

Mr P. certainly changes our lives, together with those close to us and our plans for the future.
(not going to get too heavy here) but I believe It also brings out the real person we are.
From the posts I have seen in the past, I would say your on the right path, keep on doing
“your stuff”

We will be fine !!
50 years of love does not go away overnight.

Thank you for caring H