It's me hurrah

Hi everyone,


thought after lurking I would join the forum and share my story.

48yrs old and diagnosed last week with early tremor dominant idiopathic Parkinson's by the neurologist following 2 years of mild symptoms.  I did nothing until August when suffering from anxiety/depression I went to GP and got an instant referral to the neurologist.

At the neurologist he diagnosed very early Parkinson's, no drugs or physio required at this point.


what I have done is lost nearly 3 stone and am getting fit, I'm determined to be healthier and more active.


so my journey starts



Hi Lee,

Welcome to the forum. This is a great place for sharing stories and experiences. Please remember that you can also find support available to you here:

Best wishes,


lost 3 stone since dx

must have been the shock

hi lee welcome to the world of PD did your neuro suggest no drugs as yet or did you elect to be drug free?

Your symptoms can creep up on you without you realising it. I was dx age 47 and have lost 2.5 stone in 12 months.




Hi everyone,thanks for your replies I now know Im not alone.


The weight loss was part of a lifestyle change whcih involved cutting out the fast food,potatos and bread and eating half ofwhat I used to.  That combined with joining a gym :-)


At this stage the drug free is the recommendation of the neurologist who I am to see again in 6months.




Lee...great idea with the gym; i'm 51 and was diagnosed last year; i went 6 months with no pills, then on the first of the 6 monthly meetings, i said i felt i needed to go on treatment, with main purpose being that i hoped i'd recover two handed typing and also revert to be swimming crawl again  in local pool more effectively; to be truthful, i'd say the pills (sinemet plus) had a calming effect on the body, but i recovered nothing in regards to typing/swimming, despite being advised by the neurologist that i would regain full motor control for 3-5 yrs...oh well...i'm still feeling 'great' inside,  and wish you very very best