I've done it again

Visiting the local hospital yesterday,we found the car park rules changed .Blue badge holders have to also pay.My husband Mr Scrooge decided he would drop me off at the main entrance and park somewhere else. It was so busy,and in my haste to get out of the car,I some how got my bag strap fast in the car door.Luckily it wasn't round my neck,(don't answer that).My oh drove off with bag clattering and went about 50yds without hearing it .If the ground could have opened up It was so embarrassing and my Oh just thinks its funny.
o dear ,wot a embarsasment ,but least u never had it round ur neck,it would of been awful then ,took u with him,he would of deffo nown u was attachet to it them wouldnt he ,screamin at him.but when we speak of the prices of car parks it gettin out of hand i think ,and if u carnt think cus u rushin for a app,or to see a loved one really ill,they dont care,u get fined no mater wot:rolling_eyes:
We must be lucky here, we always find somewhere to park with the blue badge.