I've Had a Dat Scan Today

Hi Everyone,


I had a Datscan today at London University College Hospital. It was much quiter than the MRI I had 8 years ago. I was surprised that they allowed my wife to stay in for most of it but she was asked to leave the room for the last few minutes.

 The scan seemed to have two stages. In the first stage the scan concentrated on my my head and was very slow, but for the last few minutes, after they asked my wife to leave the scanner speeded up sand spun around me much faster. I was moved further into the scanner so the scanner covered my upper body too. I'm a little bit curious about this part of the scan as I thought a DatScan only concentrated on the brain. I did wonder if another type of scan was being done, especially as my wife was asked to leave the room. Is this normal for the scan to have two stages like this? I'm wondering what other peoples experience of a DatScan was like.

 No doubt I will have to wait a while for the results. I personally don't think they will show anything. I have become more and more convinced that my parkinson-like symptoms are almost certainly ME/CFS as they get worse when I over exert myself, and they wax and wane. The neurologist only had the  scan done because if I do have a parkinson syndrome of some type the presentation is atypical.



I don't think I was moved - I can't be totally sure because I fell asleep ( I think it was the giant velcro strap they wrapped around me . . . I must have looked a bit like a big fly on that sticky fly paper my grandmother used to hang everywheresmiley).  Anyway, I think I would have noticed increased noise and movement - and I was definitely in the same place as it ended. Sorry to answer and then be so vague. Hope the results come through quickly. J

Thank you J.

 Fortunately I managed to stay awake. To be honest I was a bit concerned about having involuntary movements. I get what look like sleep starts but I'm awake. I was concerned I may have spoiled the scan if I had one. I did have a two or three but I was assured they were able to compensate for them.

 It did seem strange that my wife had to leave for the last part of the scan. The scanners moved a couple of feet away from my head before spinning, and then I was moved further into the scan until it covered the top half of my body.

 I guess I'll find out what it was all about eventually. I should have asked them, but it had been a very long day and I just wanted to get home.

Hello Paul

My Datscan was at Guys in 2010

I kept my eyes shut tight because the camera/scanner was so close to my face and so wobbly when it moved, I couldn't keep still if I could see it! I had had a separate MRI, I think they were checking for a tumour before they looked for Parky.

Best of luck



I had a datscan at addenbrokes on July 22nd

A injection of istopes first thing in the morning and then lots of waiting till the afternoon.

A little russian doctor did mine, i laid on a table with a strap round my neck too keep me still, he then posistioned a flat type scanner close too my face so it would pass closely around me, i remember a screw was loose insided it lol and it would clunk as the scanner moved around me, not too worry the doctor said in his foreign accent laughing.

The scan itself wasn't anything like a mri, it was silent apart from that loose item and lasted 20 mins or so just concentrated on my head, At the end of the scan the doctor said all done, i'd nearly nodded off alseep it had been a long day, the doctor said "if i was you i'd make a emergency appointment with my neuro" "you neuro will have the results by the end of tmrw"

A clue i spose?, but i waited almost 2 months for the result and confirmation of the PD, the doctor doing the scan was right, my neuro did have the results the next day, and my Gp had the results within the week, Up till then the neuro would send me a letter promptly of test results, but this time not in error he said.

So i was diagnosed october 1st, I could of really started treatment in August, if the Neuro and Gp Had bothered too tell me.

Hi Sea Angler,

 My scanner had a screw missing too! There's not much else to do than count the screws when your in the scanner. It does sound like my scan may have had something extra on the end of it which does make me more curious.

 I have had 9 years of being told my illness is ME/CFS (Myalgic Encephalomylitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) by one neurologist, and functional (read psychogenic) by a couple of others. I was sent to the National again in July because I have been getting more and more instances when I freeze as well as a increasing amount of PD-like symptoms. My gait is bad after walking a few steps too and often looks like I've got FD, but it does vary. I have many other symptoms that don't fit PD.

My latest neuro ordered the datscan just in case I have a atypical presentation or a PD plus syndrome. I'm pretty sure I don't have a PD plus symdrome as by this time I would I've no longer be around or would at least be bedbound. I have a feeling after all of this I'll end up being told is is 'functional', especially as the National doesn't recognise ME/CFS as an illness, even though the National Health Service, NICE and the WHO do.

 So I'm not particularly concerned about having PD, mainly because of the waxing and waning quality of my symptoms. I'll be glad if it's confirmed that I don't have it, while at the same time frustrated by being so disabled I haven't been able to work for 9 years, yet without a clear diagnosis and the hope of some treatment that will enable to to function at a better level than I can at the moment. I'm 55 years old and less able than a lot of people in their 80s!

 No one gave me any indication of how the scan went yesterday. I will have to wait for the consultant to inform me.