I've had parky for 7 years


I’m a bit concerned about, falling it happens, most days
My legs just give, way, it happened today, I ended up on the floor.
It’s not freezing, or blood pressure, I’ve been checked for all that
My consultant said as much last week
My legs just go weak and don’t supprtme. I know when it’s happening and most times I’m close enough to get a hold, but I must sit down, my legs start to shake uncontrollably, it’s not parky that I’ve seen before
Anyone else got this symptom


Yes on occasions l have these symptoms! Frightening and really wearing! Just have to be careful and maybe rest a while…
Stretch out till I can feel things improving. Once my head clears my feet usually follow suit . Sometimes I have a neck spasm where my neck moves to the left and will not return till until I can lie flat on my tummy on the bed and relax (try) til it goes off… someone rubbing your back is good if available…helps the relaxing😌Good luck with that .