My husband has Parkinson's related dementia and was prescribed Rivastigmine for his short term memory problem. This drug made his Parkinson's symptoms worse and he was taken off them. He was signed off because he was no longer taking Rivastigmine. Is this all that can be done to help people with memory loss - prescribe drugs?

Hi Jaddig

   I'm on Donepezil Hydrochloride 5mg a day for LBD Whitch is the same as Parkinsons dementia , don't have any side affects on me but we all react differently , don't really know if it's doing any good but as its doing me no harm I will keep on with it ,

   I also practice mindfulness and meditate there is a large amount of meditation music on utube and I find it helps to focus the mind and some even seem to help with my memory as I uses specific wave lengths to stimulate the brain,  again it seems to help me but it's not scientifically proven, I try all sorts of differant things to try and slow things down , some seem far fetched but if they don't cost me anything I don't see what I have to loose. 

   Live well.  Cc

LBD and Parkinsons Dementia are not one and the same.

LBD is when dementia is diagnosed before, or soon after P is diagnosed,whereas  P Dementia happens  some  years after diagnosis with Parkinsons.

I recently reviewed a PUK information sheet on this subject which clearly states this.

Hi jaddig.

For many months Rivastigmine improved OH's Parkinsons symptoms and the neurologist said that they had often heard this from others. Now though it is not doing very much, if anything at all, on both the Parkinsons front and memory.

Hi benji

    Only difference is timing pathological cause is the same so is the outcome , sorry to hear your OHs meds don't seem to be working any more my nuro dr has said that the Donepezil will only help for awhile the geriatric psychiatric dr offered music therapy to try but found I felt out of place as I'm 59 and every one ells was 70 plus, that gave me the idea to try meditation music as Iv always had an interest and practised meditation since my teens. All I can say is I feel I'm maybe holding my own at this time .

    Live well.  Cc

Absolutely CC, timing. Thankfully it was many years after diagnosis but he is not old, as neither are you!

I only wanted to clarify things for new members who maybe weren't aware of the difference, but, as you say, the outcome is sadly the same.

We have the same problem in our area, most things are geared for the very elderly and not those who are younger.


Take care.

Hi benji

  I live in the south of England and there is not much help for PWP or dementia under 70 but then I guess we are few and far between thank fully , I think the distinction between LBD and Parkinsons dementia is some what confusing myself and don't know why they need to label them apart,

   I find the rapid change in my ability to think straight and problem solve most frustrating , I'm in the early stages of LBD myself , my mind is starting  too wanter. So must goo.   

    Live.   We'll   Cc