James May BBC Documentary

Also currently on iPlayer, this documentary on the brain mentions Dopamine's involvement with love. This may be old news to some, but as a relative newcomer to Parkinson's I'm intrigued by how many activities are influenced by Dopamine.

According to May, there are three stages to love. Dopamine appears to have influence in two of them:
Stage One:
Dopamine and Testosterone work together to cause racing hearts, slpless nights and butterflies in the stomachs of those newly in love.
Stage Two:
Approximately 3 years after Stage One, 'romantic gestures' die off as Dopamine levels drop!

Is anyone else as interested?

Chris M
Hello, Chrsm.
I, too was fascinated by James May`s perception of the way dopamine functions.
There is a website which also looks at Dopamine as something other than a particle in the PD progression.

At last a reason why 'romantic gestures' stop; the lack of dopamine in my brain.....ARE YOU LISTENING MY HUSBAND!!! lol:laughing:

I'm newly diagnosed but concerned that T level is low - can a supplement be used safely?