Hi, --am not really a Newbie here as i joined the site a few years ago and used it often,lots of great advice

My o/h has been fairly well controlled over the past 7 years despite the persistent appointment cancellations from the NHS. Howener over the last six months he has become very mush worse in all aspects of his PD---

movement,pain ,sleep ,compulsion, weight loss ,falls,and sveral episodes of collapse which has ended up in Hospital admission .We have recently "lost" our PD nurse {not to be replaced at the moment},we never see the same Neuro and get conflicting advice each timeWe are considering seeone someone privately if only to have some continuity.We wondered if any one on here had experience of Private Consultation and ha any advice.

I have tried over the past week to find a Dr on internet,by phoning PD Society and discussing with the GP but no one seems to be "allowed" to give any specific ideas.

We live in West Yorkshire but will travel anywhere for some consistent care!!!

Thanks in anticipation


you tried ringing parkinsons helpline? I have found them to be more than helpful.


Yes telephoned them this week but they said they could not recommend specific Doctors and that the website Dr Foster was previously useful but no longer is

Thanks for your interest