I have just returned to the website after a gap of a few years. So much has changed. Back in the day it could be very edgy indeed. A few aggressive individuals used the site to vent anger. Given the nature of the condition: long term anger and frustration come as standard, I understood this.
Now I am in need of the kind of support that is of a more sharing and caring nature.

Hi Mrs T
Hope you are well I’m new to Parkinsons I was diagnosed in February March time but willing to talk if you need to any thing I can do to help please let me no

just read some posts going way back, shocked.
thank you for reply.
post diagnosis shock?

you are with good people.

Welcome back to the forum mrs,t, I have been contributing to this forum for a number of years now, and can honestly say that I have not come across anything that bad that was enough to shock me or upset me.


Hi mrs.t and welcome back. I am a relative new member to the site but have had PD for seven years now and I do have a DBS fitted. As you will see from my posts I try to help people, I don’t have time for aggression.


I have been ill for 30 years, am 57. Yes way back when some people were deleted because they were so toxic. This is why I am so tentative. thank you for the support.

Hi again mrs.t just take it in small steps and feel your way back on to the Forum. When you feel comfortable then start posting more, there are some good people on here.