Japanese toilets that do everything. Recommendations?

We are having our bathroom refurbished and I would like to invest in a toilet that will help me when my PD becomes advanced and going to the toilet becomes troublesome and potentially humiliating.

Do any of you have one? Can you make any recommendations?


Do you mean a car wash toilet, as we call it? A wash and dry for your nether regions??

We have one. There is the great big ugly and space consuming one starting with the letter G but you can also have a bidet toilet seat, which has the same functions, and can be fitted over a normal toilet. Choose a comfort toilet, which has a higher bowl/pan, and this fits on top. Make sure that they plumb the water tank for the wash function into the mains which means you don’t ever have to top it up.

We had our shower room converted to a wet room, hope that you are doing the same with your refurbishment. Future proof whatever you are doing. Level access, not those that you see advertised in the press, they have a lip which would be impossible if using a wheelchair. An AKW shower, specifically designed for use by carers, it also has a remote control, so that the water temperature is not affected by someone else using hot water. Underfloor heating for those times when you don’t need the house heating on.

Find a good installer that goes through all the available options with you.

Best of luck and if you have any more questions, please ask. We got it mostly right but there are still some things that are not 100% perfect but it is a godsend for ease when showering with a shower chair also available when necessary.


Hi Martini,

Any progress on your wet room journey?

Thank you Martini for asking exactly the same question as I was about to write, and Benji for a great reply.
We are also about to install a wet room and appreciate all your comments. Have you got a bidet toilet seat with fixed controls or a separate hand held control panel?

The control is mounted on the wall near to the toilet and is a touch control rather like a touch screen on your phone or computer. You can remove the control from its holder though if you wish.

The make is Uspa and the model is UB-7035R. (Other makes are available!! )

My wet room getting put in shortly.


Hi Benji

Hope all good with you.

Hope the installation goes smoothly Babs.:smiley:

Be prepared for some upheaval, it was much more than I expected.:roll_eyes:

Thanks, glad it was of help to you, Jenska.