Jaw dropping

Does anyone else have a problem with wide open mouth while asleep ..

This happens everynight for my husband
I have a friend who's jaw gets stuck and protrudes out. certain times in the day. if that helps
Thank you Chestnut . No it's not like that His mouth will fall open when he is concentrating . I put that down partly to him being hard of hearing .

This is as soon as he lays down in bed, even when I raise the head of his bed it happens . He sleeps like it all night and gurgles . It is most distressing for me to see and hear him like this . Obviously his mouth gets very dry . Even when I prompt him to close it , it drops pen straight away . It's almost as if he has forgotten how to breathe through his nose .
Hello Jonnie,

My husband does exactly the same and will often fall asleep after eating or even through his meals, his head drops back while sitting in his wheelchair and he looks so uncomfortable. Several pwps I know do this and of course it is so important to keep an eye on them in case they choke.
best wishes