Jaw lock

Hi - does anyone find one or both sides of their jaw twisting and locking?  I'm a bit fed  with it as much as anything as it can make speaking, eating etc feel weird and leaves me a bit anxious that food may start slipping out of my mouth!

Not a major concern in the overall scheme of parky symptoms I know but the cumulative build up of minor symptoms, pains and movement problems is getting me down a bit.

Hi Melee

This is an interesting symptom as I get a locking sensation when walking fast home after a few to many, it feels like my jaw is pushing outwards and locking.

I also shake at the same time, but it all stops a soon as I stop walking

I never have this at any other time so its probably something to do with Beer n Parky mix for me anyway.

I ddon't have a diagnosis yet but ive had trouble with my jaw for ages, it used to dislocate every day so I was giving a mouth splint to wear at night and eventually had a small operation on it cos it got locked shut so its not quite so unsteady now, although I still hold on to it when I yawn and I dont eat chewy food like toffees. You can get jaw trouble from clenching and grinding in your sleep too, and with muscle spasms it could be aggrevated by something like that. Best to check with your doctor or PD nurse, sometimes even exercises can help. Good luck x