Jaw pain

Hi Does anyone suffer from a clicking jaw when they eat I've had this for the past week and it's driving a bit nuts,thanks forum friends

Hi Kev,

Do you grind your teeth or find your jaw feels stiff at times? If I'm stressed/anxious or due for meds, I do this a lot, especially during the night and this makes my jaw feel sore and noisy. I avoid eating before medication and favour taking meds at least 45 minutes to an hour before meals. This way I find my jaw is less stiff. Thankfully my dentist took the time to explain what was going on.

Here is a link you might find helpful


Best wishes

Thanks cutiepie you've been a great help,I must speak to my dentist to thanks again see you around the forum :smile:

Hi Kev & Cutiepie,

I wear a gum shield at night time as apparently i brux! For me this involves my top & bottom jaw locking together and putting pressure on teeth (not grinding) I was given this years ago after going to dentist in excruciating pain, apparently nothing wrong but he noticed a bit of wear & tear to my fillings, pain continued up into my jaw line for next two weeks and was painfull and achey. Have to say, i think this has saved me from many a several anxiety filled nights! i can tell this as in the morning the shield feels stuck! lol A right old passion killer even!:fearful: