Jeremy Paxman TV programme on Parkinson's

This was worth watching and showed him visiting various locations and learning more about PD, whilst chatting about his own experiences and frustrations, a lot of which I recognised myself.

It’s great that this was shown in a prime slot and hopefully has spread more awareness about PD.

Parkinson’s UK article about the programme:

Watch on ITV Hub:

I liked that it was shown as it really is no pussy footing and no doom and gloom either, a great programme

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I watched the progarm and thought well most things were coverd about PD it’s juat a shame that Jeremy is only doing one program. It’s a start educating the general public the PD is not only a tremor. Maybe we can finaly say to pepole “Yes I have PD but it’s not got me”

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Yeah itv put crime drama on aswell The Suspect great watch

It never mentioned any thing about young on-set, as Paxman kept saying it’s an old fogey illness I refuse to use the D word as my wife says it’s an condition.

My wife was 47 when diagnosed had it several years before diagnosed as a younger person with Parkinson’s like many more she’s unable to work after several medical episodes I now her full time carer she’s 61 and I’m 62.

Please someone do a documentary at the coal face of young on-set.

When I watched this did I hear Jane Asher correct ? Did she that £ 100 million had been spent on research ? £100 Million wow ! and were still L Dopa !!!

I watched the programme and yes, I agree it was commendable of Jeremy Paxman to put himself into the spotlight with his recent diagnosis of PD. I suppose it does need a high profile figure to raise awareness and encourage people to watch such a programme. It would be good if another one could be made focusing on the reality for the majority of people who maybe don’t have enough support or the financial security to get the best of the treatments or be able to afford their care when it’s no longer viable to remain in their homes in late stage PD. (Of course this applies to anyone who suffers from a progressive condition and not just Parkinson’s). Interesting to note the colossal sum raised for PD research as mentioned by Jane Asher on the programme. Let’s hope it won’t be much longer before this disease can actually be cured instead of relying on the myriad of drugs which although give so many a much better quality of life, can only mask the condition.