Jet lag

Hi Ive recently flown to America on holiday and I have struggled with jetlag causing a major’off’ episode that wiped me out for 5 days . Anyone else found this ?

Hello @jan4,
I returned from New Orleans on 23 January 2023. I have never sufffered with jet lag, always taking night flights from the States to the UK. As over many years I found that this was always the best way to avoid jet lag and the worse I have ever been, is to feel a bit tired after travelling. Certainly no worse that pre PD dx in 2016.

However on this occasion, I have really suffered badly with jet lag, which did cause my parky symptoms to be worse. It took until 20th March (8 weeks) to get over the jet lag and get mr parky under control. I did speak with my neurologist on this matter, who told me that it could be mr parky related or down to the large number of meds I take for my spinal issues. He is going to look into this and see if there any issues with medication causing issues, or if it means mr parky has progresses further. If I ever get an answer I will let you know. :sunglasses:

Thanks for reply I’ve just returned and again feeling exhausted from jet lag. Use to be fine previously so think its parky related