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I am making job applications and they all ask about health issues ie: are you disabled? No I am not disabled but sometimes my symptoms make it hard for me to do day to day things. This is at the moment is short lived and is not really covered by the disabilty act. what do I say? I may need them to make allowances once I'm in the job. Surely I should declare upfront. Any thoughts or experiences anyone?

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if you click on to the thread Employment you will find much info on there from other posts made on this subject. Hope you find this useful

Health questionaires pre-employment are illegal unless there is a justification for them. If you have PD you have a chronic condition that affects your normal daily life and is therefore a disability under the Equality Act. If an employer refuses to employ you BECAUSE OF THE PD he/she is in breach of the equality act and can be sued in an employment tribunal. You do not have to reveal whether you have a medical condition, it is up to you, but I agree with the previous posting that said it would always be on your mind. An employer is required, under the act, to make reasonable adjustments to the job in order to accommodate a person with a "disability".

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Very helpful information. I still have lots to learn a gentle nudge in the right direction is always useful.

for some big organisations and government it can be an advantage to 'being disabled' because they have a quota they need to meet.

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We have a page on our website about working and employment -

There are some links on that page to our rights and benefits publications and a direct link to our Disability Living Allowance information sheet -

You could also call our free confidential helpline on 0808 800 0303 and speak to our employment and benefits advisor if you need to talk anything through.

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