Job Hunting Royal Mail : )

I have been unemployed for a year now after having to give up my previous job.   Well I saw a job for a part time postman/woman and thought that after just over 7 yrs with my pal Parky I needed the exercise.  I imagined it would only take me a few minutes on a good day and up to an hour on a bad day to feed the letter into the hole in the door. I had done my research and was told that as a rule postal workers were allocated an area and  when they had completed the round they went home.


Great I thought I could just take my time and clock off when my task was  complete.  During the interview it was explained to me that the posties in my area worked in pairs one driving and then you waited  for each other at the end of a few roads worth of delivering.  The lady kindly explained it was common for posties to finish their rounds as quick as possible so they could get home early. Adding that pairs were matched according to age fitness levels etc.  This was when I realised 2 things, being positive was not the same as delusional  and the fact that I enjoyed the interviewer trying hard not to be insulting but tactfully asking me what time did I reasonably expect to complete my rounds.

I was not successful on that occasion, I mainly do car boots  for fun and to get rid of all the stuff I have purchased since being prescribed Ropinerole thankfully my compulsive behaviour is limited to eating a packet of biscuits and looking for valuable antiques in the local charity shops.  If my GP and Parky nurse is reading this I usually break even at the car boot so no need to worry.







Hi TeeHee - I admire your enthusiasm looking for a job, but unfortunately the legs won't let you do it. Glad you're limiting your spending to car boots, buying and selling, you could even make your fortune one day! I'm on Roponirole XL slow release, and have been for the last six almost seven years without any problems, so hopefully you will be ok with yours in the future.

Here's to the future and Happy New Year!! Sheila


Happy New Year xx   I am coping ok on 6mg Ropinerole keep monitoring  for compulsive behaviour .   I blame cash in the attic and antiques roadshow unfair  to blame meds. Pleased you doing well too. x


Ha Ha good response to taking the meds. Seriously though Ropinirole has caused some serious problems for quite a few people here. You may be one of the luck ones as I have been, who have and will not have any side effects.  I now take 18mg per day along with Sinimet three times a day, so I wish you well on your journey through  this unpredictable disease (for want of a better word!)

Take care TeeHee (like your name!) - Sheila