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Evenin' all!big grin

3 years with PD; slight tremor in left hand, speech defects & brain fog: fighting it daily!

I've recently (well, 5 months ago) started jogging/running. I've a personal best of 5 miles in 55 minutes. [Look out Mo Farah!] Did a 5k FunRun a few months ago ....which was funlol.

I found it's very good for my health and general wellbeing. Are there (m)any other runners/sporty PWP out there? I'd like to share tips, info about running and fighting PD by keep fit, positive thinking and eating a good balanced diet.

Jog on!wink




Hi James, I was diagnosed one year ago, but dealing with some symptoms for a few years. Mostly hip stifness diminished left hand dexterity, shoulder weakness with trembling and an uneven gait, sometimes robotic. I have been physically avtive for most of my life. I still move as much as I can: weightlifting 3-4 times a week, daily yoga and/or qigong, karate/boxing exercises several times a week, and mindfulness meditation. Together with acupuncture and diet and some supplements. No drugs yet ...

Hi Hans,

wow, you the man! And I thought I was busy! I admire your resolve to fight PD drug-free; Good for you! I'm taking the bare minimum to get me through the day.

My new Pilates class starts this Tuesday for the next 2 months. (once a week) Bought a half decent mat for £10 but the bag to carry it in was £19! Mind you, it's convenient as I cycle everywhere.

I'm currently dabbling with the local Spiritual Centre; Really interesting stuff. Nice to know my mum & relatives are looking out for me.wink

What supps do you take, Hans? 

I often play memory games on the BBC web-site  as my short term memory is poor. Putting names to faces is a good exercise. I often forget to exercise my brain (memory) but sometimes play Scrabble with my ol' man as there's absolutely nothing on the box - as usual! The adverts drive me up the wall - then the programme/narrator back-tracks over what you've just been watching a mere 5 minutes previously!

Doing a Parkinson's 'Awareness' charity stand all day Sunday (tomorrow), here in Ipswich - head office sent us 3 boxes of goodies to flog - should be fun!

All the best!

...and remember - No Pain - No Injury!big grin


Hi to you both - I was diagnosed 2.5 years ago and have probably had for 7 years. After taking medical retirement last year have tried to get fit by joining gym. Am finding it slow going trying to improve my running .... Currently only able to run for a few minutes before having to walk ....any tips on building upon this? And would you recommend purchasing running shoes? Am currently in trainers.  

Would like to be able to build up to 5k :)




I try to exercise as much as I can but increasingly have to listen to my legs when they're telling me I've done enough. I'm currently adopting a sort of 75% effort approach - if I push myself to 100% it's going to go horribly wrong and as I like cycling, if I'm a long way out, it's a long, slow push (stumble) home! I use some brain training apps ( just the free parts) on the i-pad and I'm also convinced they help with memory - though I may just be kidding myself. My newest symptom is problems with speech, I know this because people are asking me to repeat myself - a lot! I am on medication and have no idea how/if it impacts on speech (need to read up on this) but I was just wondering if anybody knows of any speech games or apps ( a bit like the brain training I guess). Not sure I'd qualify for any additional input yet and suspect it'll be a fair wait even when I do so I'm just wondering if there's anything that might help.
Thanks   J :)

In reply to Tutor: my supplements are the following:


Mucuna Pruriens

NAC, alpha lipoic Acid,Q10 (The Phillipson protocol)

some additional antioxidants from grapeseeds, Fo-Ti, green tea,

vit D, Omega 3, magnesium citrate,

some prescribed herbs from TCM

in reply to moonandstars:

Back in the day I used to run a lot, until I had my hip replaced six years ago. My stamina seriously detoriated after stopping running altogehter This is what I did to get back: walk for two minutes, jog very lightly for one, and repeat this cycle for 30 minutes 3 times a week. Next week I did one minute walking and one jogging, hereafter walking for one minute and jogging for two.  I builded up very gradually. Take your time, dont be stressed if it takes more time, be relaxed about your progress.


Thanks Hans55 for the tips will try and hopefully improve .  I wear normal trainers, do  think running shoes are a good idea?

Thats a personal thing. Sometimes I rather walk barefooted than wearing shoes. Rolling of the feet (heel tot toe), not supinating proved important in maintaining balance and an even gait. When shoes have too much dampening ( like thick soled running shoes) I lose somewhat contact with the ground. But at other times my ankles are so sore that I need the padding.

I can heartily recommend running across a ploughed field with clogs on also.

Hi All

I would strongly recommend getting a running partner or better still joining a local running club/group (they normally have a group for beginners and they are usually very friendly and welcoming).

Running with someone really increases your motivation. You don't want to quit so you try that little bit harder. There's always someone slower than you!  They will give you loads of encouragement, help and advice.

It's also a chance to meet new people and make new friends.

Hi Mark,

I did just that; joined my local running club, A great bunch of guys & girls! [i.e.Jaffa RC]

Running gives me time to clear my head and focus on fighting PD. Plus making me fitter healthier and stronger too! I like the comradery when I'm running in a small group, esp at night



Hi Hans, I hope you're well & still pumping iron too :-)

Me? I've been doing a lot of running/jogging; joined a friendly running club (Jaffa Ipswich) too. I'm already booked-in for three 2016 races. Roll on!

Sorry need to go out.

All the best,


p.s. Sorry I neglected to say - interesting sup list Hans, thx!

I try to walk, run, and cycle (not simultaneously though)

The thing I've found since diagnosis, and probably before, is the real bad pains in my upper legs (quads) that feel massively fatigued before even starting. It's like a fatigued to the point of bruising sensation, similar to after finishing the marathon in 2003.

I tried rest, which didn't help, so now just walk, run, or cycle through it (generally painfully slowly). My power outputs are significantly less than my hey day, but as long as I ignore the pain, I can keep active.

Any similar experiences out there, ideally with some options to try to help?

At 48 yrs of age and DX a few months ago I've started to play Rugby after an 18yr break... I'm not going out without a fight big grin

It's 04.17 and I am 75 today​. Restarted running again 8 months ago. 5km Parkruns every Saturday with the occasional​ 10 km "just for fun".    But still having problems with regular sub 35mins for 5km.  Spent yesterday afternoon with my personal trainer ( also my physiotherapist) and it was hot.   Love running  and will keep at it as long as my " bent  " body will allow.     Mike

Hi Mike



Enjoy your day.  And keep running you are an inspiration !!!

Best wishes Barbara xxx