John from Bristol


Just joined - learning how to use the Forum ... my wife has recently been diagnosed, and we are at the beginning of learning how to deal with P.D. - lots of information "out there", some of it useful, some confusing, some plainly odd,some scary...

I have one question for anybody from Bristol - who would you recommend we see?  The consultant we have seen, and finally diagnosed my wife, is lovely, we really like her, but is a stroke specialist...

Apologies if this information is already on the forum...I couldn't find it...



Hi John, 

Welcome to the forum! 

It can be pretty scary, you don't want to be overwhelmed with information but it's good to know where you can turn if you need to. We can't recommend specific specialists or name professionals here but we can help you access local services. At the bottom of this page you'll find a postcode search, this will help you locate local services and groups near you. 

Hope this helps, 


Thank you.