Join a live on line discussion about stem cell research

Dr Craig Cady runs a research programme at Bradley University in Illinois USA and will spend an hour giving a presentation live in a chatroom you can join in, with opportunity to ask questions. this is aimed at people with parkinsons, so dont worry if you want to ask straight forward questions, no previous knowledge is required.

the chatroom uses voice or typing, whichever you prefer and you will be able to see and hear dr cady's powerpoint presentation live.

the session will last an hour and starts 7pm central USA time, so in the UK that is 1.00 am (worth a late night and perfect for insomniacs!)

come to the chatroom at and find the link to chat room on the left side of the screen. you will need to download the plugin, so follow the on screen directions for first time users (only takes a few seconds) and sign in using your first name and the password "indian" - expecting a good turnout so get there in plenty of time.

hope to see you there, dr cady has given very successful and informative sessions there before. we are sure you will find it useful!!!

Phil (barefoot)
that is at 1 am 24th sept 2011 in the UK
try password "stemcell" - the session starts in 15 minutes at 1 am uk time - come and join us!