Joined the forum at last!

Hi everyone.  I have thought about joining the forum for such a long time, but life is so busy and unpredictable.  I am sure you know what I mean. So this is my introduction. My husband has had Parkinson's since he was in his early 50's and he is coming up 74 now.  We married in 2006, both of us having lost our first spouse, his wife to cancer and my husband to MND.  We had both been widowed for 6 years. I am his toy girl coming up to 65!  We have four grown up children between us, two spouses and 5 grandchildren on my side.  All of family live some way from us so we don't get to see them that often. In the last two years the Parkinson's has started getting worse, the most significant change is loss of balance and falls, but he always seems to bounce back!  Up to now he has not broken anything. The reason I decided to join the forum was that he had his tablets changed from the branded Stalevo to the generic Stanek. Wanted to get some feedback on if others were having difficulties with it, however I will get around to writing something about that in another area.  Oh, just to say my husband and I run the local support group in our town.


You can insist on having Stalevo.....if it works for your husband don't accept a generic.

Welcome to the forum...lots of support and help on here...



Hi Mabelgrace

 Welcome to the forum , GG is right if the generic drugs don't work as well you can insist on what dose, I had problems with generic requip xl  pharmacist said I'd have to put up with it ,so went to gp who wrote the specific brand name on my prescription and that sorted that out.

 Anyway hi and welcome again ,   Live well.   Cc



When i started treatment i was on branded sinemet they then tried pulling a fast one when the dose was increased to a cheap generic sinemet , I could tell the difference straight away it was less effective than the lower branded dose and not only that the quality of the pill itself was rough.

I am currently on Madopar but  i was offered stalevo but refused knowing it would be a generic poss 'stanek' I am glad i didn't what is the point of having a health service which we contributed too and being offered loosely a second best medication?. the world isn't that hard up and we arn't martyr's for the NHS tory policy.

My local PD magazine mentioned Stanek and the problems it was causing asking for peoples experiences of it too put before the NHS.

Thanks for the comments guys, I also posted on treatments!  I will try and see what our GP says.


Stanek/Stalevo supply problems

Has anyone had problems getting hold of the generic Stanek (from September 2017)? The manufacturer TEVA have warned NHS of an increase demand for Stanek. Found out about this today as I couldn’t get my prescription because the pharmacy could not get Stanek at all! They have sourced Stalevo but need my own doctor to issue a new prescription. Very upsetting as I will run out of my tablets on Thursday of next week unless this is resolved. I’m sure all will be well next week but I cried in public in the pharmacy as I was so stressed. I’ll give an update on Monday......