Joint pain

Can anyone throw any light on why i have developed joint pain?? 

in the last six months I have developed pain in my hands, wrists, elbow and knees ... Why??  Is this pd or is it my medication or is it that I am under / over medicated .

have asked pd nurse, pharmacist,doctor to no avail -so am hoping appt with new neurio will solve the probkem





i had and have joint and muscle pain before and after diagnosis.

it was one of the reasons i first went too my doctor other than the tremor, i have joint pain in the wrists elbow,knee, hip and some times my ankles

but my ankles that's usually more a swollen feeling in my ankles first thing and in my feet and toes which seem too curl under. My pd nurse tells me the ankle,feet, toes sensation is down too the loss of dopamine.

i have noticed lesser pain with my madopar medication when being on, but i can never accurately forecast how long being on is or will be

.the best way i can describe it for me, it seems too be like a battery, the more energy required the less battery life.

My hip pain has returned ! Muscles in arms feeling like lead and fingers stiff  - think I need an increase in meds - it seems like I have a 6 month cycle ! 


I some joint pain and back pain too in the morning, but that's my stiffness when my meds wear off!

Last year though my joint and muscle pain became so debilitating that I wondered how I was going to continue leading a relatively normal life....then I read an article on Aspartame!!! I've used sweeteners and sweetening products all my adult life and I now know that I was suffering with Aspartame poisoning which disguised itself as part of my PD!!!

Within two weeks of cutting Aspartame out of my diet, I felt so much better and the pain was virtually gone. I now recognise that the joint pain I have now is related to stiffness....I just wish I could work out something other than regular Ibuprofen that would help that!

Hope this is helpful.

gerbere girl do you get pain and stiff in morning if so have you thought about taking a slow release at bedtime help you move better in the night and wake up with no stiffness or pain release meds over 12 hr period

I have had a lot of joint/bony pain recently, and am going to ask about it at my next Neuro appointment. My knees, hips and ankles are the worst at the moment. The worst pain is in what feels like the small bones of my feet - when walking. Ibuprofen relieves it somewhat, but I'm not keen to take it regularly as I'm on Omeprazole for silent reflux (which developed a few months after starting Ropinirole) and Ibuprofen isn't gastric friendly, haha.

My ankles are very swollen most of the time, and from the mid-calf downwards I have 'pitting oedema' which isn't helping the pain in my feet!. I have bunions and hammer toes too big grin- the latter developed through years of 'grabbing' the floor due to loss of balance.

I've been more stiff recently too. Have recently been switched from Ropinirole 8mg slow release, to 7mg standard, daily, but doubt that this can be responsible for these problems. I also take Madopar 125 3 x daily, and am awaiting a prescription for Madopar dispersible, to take as required.

My stiffness and pain has increased and I now have Osteo-arthritis in my hips and other joints which is battling with the Parkinsons.......regular Paracetamol and Ibuprofen helps but has bumped up my daily meds regime enormously!!! It definitely helps to keep moving; sitting in one position for any length of time makes moving painful and awkward!!

I would go careful on the ibuprofen as they are very dangerous for the stomach. You can Google it.

I am suffering with painful ankle joints which makes walking and weight bearing difficult. My ankles seem to swell up and they feel really hard. Not sure what the best course of action to take is. Any suggestions welcome.

hi katie

                  have you tried tiger balm or oil ,i find the red tiger balm really works ,you can order these on ebay ,amazon only a few pounds say £4 and it does not take long to get ie from Thailand they use this in thai boxing

Thanks Gus I will try it.

Hi Katie

Just wondering if you have managed to try the red tiger balm yet and if so has it helped?  I am also suffering pain in my feet and toes and on checking with the forum I came across your post. This pain is a new symptom for me and like you not sure how to treat it.  All suggestions welcome.






Hi Powrie

Yes I have tried the tiger balm and it does give some relief. I m due to see my specialist about the foot pain on Thursday so will pass on any advice I am given.

Katie hogg

Hi Katie

I really appreciate your reply.  Many thanks for that.  I'd be very interested to hear  what advice  your specialist has  to give you at your appointment on Thursday.  Hope all goes well.




Hi Powrie

As promised an update on foot pain. My specialist is not sure of the cause but has increased my medication to four times a day instead of three as there is some improvement after taking Sinemet plus. I also had my foot xrayed to try to rule out other causes. She also suggested I see a podiatrist to see what advice they can give. Hope you have success in reducing your discomfort soon.


Hi Katie

Many thanks for letting me know the specialist's thoughts.  My PD nurse is not sure of the cause either.  She asked me to keep a diary regarding the pain in my hands and feet.  I  don't see my Consultant until 9  August 2016 so let's hope he can give me a diagnosis.  I'm glad you are having some relief with Sinemet plus and I hope it continues to work for you.