Joints ache when I wake up

I was diagnosed 6 years ago. For the last few months I have woken up aching all over and can hardly move. I have to get up take my first tablet, co-careldopa/levadopa and sit for half an hour or so. Im wondering if this is caused by Parkinsons or Ive developed arthritis. Is anyone else like this in the morning ?

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Hello Margs1 … As well as Parkinson’s I have Neuropathy & Arthritis. Up to 55% of Parky sufferers have Neuropathy. I take Amitriptyline 10mg a day & this has really helped my Neuropathy & Arthritis.

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Hello Margs1 / All

I am new to this forum and wanted to follow up on your comments. I have been diagnosed 4 years with Bradykinsea. I am also on co-careldopa/levadopa which I take 2 - 3 times per day. I have in the past six months started to develop back pain which is largely ok in the day (or not so today) but when I lay down in bed i really struggle to get up and ache from my back to my legs. Wondering if there is similarities or others who experience this.

Also not sure if connected I have irregular pain in my stomach on right side below rib area. This has been going on for past few weeks.

Thankyou for any input

Thanks to you all for your feed back.