Just a test post

Good morning all as I’m new to this I’m struggling to post some things what’s going to do it and introduction so thought I’d check if this would be posted first I will fly to a few posts by pressing the arrow thing I’m not too good at this and I’m using the iPhone don’t know If that makes it harder

@GARY1967 Well your test post has landed, so welcome to the forum, as i’ve just said to another newbie, given the time of year(xmas) there aren’t as many members about at the moment as there normally would be. Hopefully one of the Moderators will chip in and give you a welcome as well. This is a friendly forum so take time to go through the Index and check out different topics on offer.


Hi Gary, welcome to the forum! We’re so happy to have you here, and we really hope you find some comfort in this community :blue_heart:

Take care,
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Welcome to the forum. I am a newbie too, my husband was diagnosed a month ago. It’s great to have others to chat to.

Hello Gary1967 I’ve just replied to your other post so you are doing fine. Welcome to the forum

Hello Lizzyg too, nice to have you on board.

Thank you Tot. Great to have so many on board to chat to.

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The time after diagnosis can be strange Lizzyg relief at knowing what it is one minute and feeling like you’re staring into an abyss the next, and your husband is very newly diagnosed. Please don’t hesitate to ask anything - the forum is open 24/7 and is a very supportive community so do use it if and as you need.

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Absolutely hit the nail on the head with different emotions. Such a relief to start with and knowing my husband would start on treatment to help with the symptoms was another relief. However with Ropinirole actually making his tremor worse is quite a knock back. He was so looking forward to getting a break from his symptoms. Although he is being quite patient knowing he is only just beginning the medication journey.

Hello again, patience is no bad thing when living with Parkinson’s. You won’t need to read many posts to become aware that there are two key points that are repeated over and over. Briefly they are - we may share the same or similar symptoms but their impact is very individual, the same is true of medication a complex area which raises so many questions with no straightforward answers. It can take time and something akin to trial and error before the right meds, doses and times are found. However take heart, things do settle down and your husband and you will survive this early bumpy road. We’ve all been there and lived to tell the tale.

Thank you Tot. I am a great believer that nothing stays the same and things usually do calm down in any situation. Our young daughter was diagnosed with Crohns disease 4 years ago. I got myself in a right state and made myself quite ill with worry. As time went on and I learnt more about the disease and realised that there was treatment out there that would maintain the disease I then started to calm down. I have learnt a lot from that time and don’t overthink things.
Thanks once again.

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Thank you

Thank you Lizzy

Hi everyone, I’m new on here after being niagnosed 19th January, i suffer from ankylosing spondylitis as well as having to come to terms with parkinson’s too.
I’m 57 and had to recently drop my hour’s at work not being able to cope. It’s nice to know there’s others to talk to that can give me more information first hand.

Hi Mitch, welcome to the forum, I’m sure you will find a lot of support and guidance on here, it’s a very supportive forum,take care :smile: