Just been diagnosed

I’ve just received a diagnosis of Parkinson’s but my neurologist wants me to have a DaTSCAN as well, even though I have a few of the “typical” symptoms (tremor, stiffness, slow movements and balance issues), then I’ll have a follow-up appointment in November.
I’ve had various symptoms (noticeably, at least to me) for about a year, but because of other health issues it was thought that my existing conditions were the cause - but that was ruled out. The neurologist has written to my GP for them to prescribe medication, so just waiting for them to process this.
I’m 63 and was planning to retire next Summer, but have decided to go sooner, and will be finishing (officially) on 31 December. Hopefully I’ll be able to have a long time to enjoy my retirement.

Good morning Duckling22 … My DATscan was positive for Parkinson’s. I think I found it reassuring that I now knew what was wrong with me. Although I do have slight doubts that my symptoms relate to having Parkinson’s, which I suppose is normal.
Don’t forget to tell the DVLA if Parkinson’s is confirmed.

Best of luck

Hello Duckling22
Sorry to hear your diagnosis, sadly the more you learn about Parkinson’s you’ll find out that there are no real a typical symptoms for sufferers. There are however the more ‘known’ of ones you state, I.e. tremor. The DATscsn is a good thing will clarify things for you going forward snd hopefully medication will establish well being for you.
One thing I will say (even if you don’t feel it currently appropriate) please apply now before state pension age for PIP as this will give you access to the mobility scheme allowing you to be part of the scheme which allows you to lease a mobility vehicle.
I say this now because if you wait until you are post state pension age (indeed it may still be 65 for the benefit) you are unable to claim this benefit and therefore unable to get any help with a mobility car. I apologise if you feel this is inappropriate for you as to where you are now but few people seem to realise you cannot claim post state pension age. Incidentally if you are successful in claiming prior to 65 it is generally. It taken away from you post retirement.
Parkinson’s UK have information on benefits and claiming them.
Good luck and best wishes Jane

Hello Jane, and thank you for your kind words.
I’m aware that there aren’t really any typical symptoms, which is why I used quotes.
Thank you for the advice about PIP - I’ve checked and you can claim any time below pension age (so I’ve still got three years). I also looked at the assessment criteria, and I’m (currently) no where near enough points.
At the moment I’m just working out what’s what - I only received the diagnosis a week ago. My manager has been very good and I have an appointment with our Occupational Health in a couple of weeks to ensure that I am supported as much as needed before I leave work.