Just Checking In . 4 Years On!

I haven’t visited the forum for a number of years, 4 in fact ! Now 46 I am trying to feel positive about the future dispite having the worst year ever (like we all have really) but mine with a horrrible twist. I was attacked by a German Shepherd in February and sustained awful injuries to both arms. It has taken until now (8 months on) to start to having more movement although the emotional scars are very raw. I actually finished work Aug 2019 as my Company Pension Scheme allowed me to take my Pension Benefits early on the grounds of ill health. I am really starting to feel like there have been some significant changes , physically and I feel like my personality is changing daily, for the first time starting to feel vulnerable and anxious.

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Hi @JoGreenhalgh, :wave:

Welcome back to the forum!

I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve had a rough year and it’s truly awful to hear about your attack. I can understand why you have emotional scars, this is something that will definitely take some time heal both physically and emotionally. It’s not easy to cope with all the changes that have occurred in your life and we are here to help you as much as we can as you go through these changes.

We still have a very friendly and supportive community here on the forum and I’m sure you’ll hear from our members shortly with their words of encouragement. In the meantime, you may find it helpful to check out the information we have on mindfulness on the Parkinson’s UK website - Mindfulness meditation can improve your physical and mental wellbeing. It’s useful for people with Parkinson’s symptoms and it may be especially helpful while you’re living through these uncertain times. You can find this information here: https://www.parkinsons.org.uk/information-and-support/mindfulness-and-parkinsons

You can also speak to one of our advisers via our confidential helpline, who can speak to you in more detail about the different forms of therapy that you may wish to consider especially as you mentioned that you’ve been feeling vulnerable and anxious. Feel free to give us a call on 0808 800 0303.

Please don’t be a stranger to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

Best wishes,
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Thank you Reah,

I will take a look at that. Yes these are surely testing times and I thank you for your support.

Kind Regards

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Hello Jo
Glad you have come back to the forum,and I am glad too that you felt able to tell us what has happened. The attack must have been terrifying and I am not at all surprised to hear you feel as you do. Quite apart from the attack you are of course now not working, a big change for anyone, and living with our ever present guest, Mr Parky, who could be at least in part responsible for some of how you feel. Not that it makes a lot of difference where it comes from you feel as you do and that’s perfectly legitimate so don’t beat yourself up. I think you’ve taken the first difficult step to dealing with all the issues that it undoubtedly throws up by coming back here - a safe non judgemental place where you can say it like it is. Reah has given you lots of info but if I might make a suggestion, you may do it already, but many of us offload by writing, drawing, (actually punching a pillow can get rid of anger or frustration too try it some time) but trying the creative route in whatever way you like can help. In the creative corner some of us post our works. They don’t have to be anything other than what you want to say, and if it happens to resonate with someone else we’ll that’s nice. Certainly helps me in my efforts to remain positive because I believe it’s the best thing I can do for myself. Now I’m rambling so I will say cheerio for now. Don’t leave it another four years, there’s always someone here to hold your hand or do as I do now and send lots of love and a big virtual hug.

Hi Jo, I apologise, I should have read your ‘Just Checking In’ post before replying to you. I am now up to speed. How awful for you to have suffered so badly, from a needless dog attack. I am particularly angry as I am a lover of animals, particularly dogs. The German Shepherd breed is my favourite dog breed. Myself and my husband are volunteers for the Charity Guide Dogs UK, we board dogs , and are involved with retraining should a dog pick up bad habits. I am a firm believer in , it’s the dog owner not the dog , that is to blame. I could write a lot more about that , but not now.

I can understand how you have taken a bad knock back, and suffering from anxiety and loss of confidence. This is dragging your mood down. Seek help, your GP can advise you and suggest maybe seeing a councillor, or Psychologist. Maybe a low dosage of anti depression medication.Your wounds will heal, massage can help to improve mobility in your arms. The damage to your state of mind really
needs to be dealt with. While your mood is low Jo, everything , from worrying about how Parkinson’s is going to affect your life, to taking early retirement, to possible financial worry , it’s going to bury you. Improve your mood, and you will think more rationally, worry will lessen, and you will deal with issues easier. I know, I’ve been there. Look for local charities, there may be somewhere that offers therapy. MIND, are very helpful. You need to stretch your search here Jo, you are not someone who has Parkinson’s, you are someone who also needs help to improve their state of mind.

This has turned out to be another mammoth read for you Jo, sorry. I have difficulty gathering my thoughts and condensing then appropriately. I also have trouble calling on the vocabulary I want, it’s there somewhere in that brain of mine, just won’t come forward. I Will probably wake at 4am and the word I was seeking will be there!

I feel bad , you have had a dreadful time. Now, you and those who care for you, have to work on lifting your mood. Be kind to yourself Jo. I’m right here should you need me.

My very best wishes to you.

Hi Jo,

I think the advice from Tot and MaggieT is good, and agree whole heartedly with the “Be Kind to yourself” sentiment.
You say that you are starting to feel vulnerable, but what I take from your post is that you have had enough emotional fortitude to have dealt with Parkinsons for four years without needing the support of forums such as this, you have weathered the transition from paid employment to living off a pension, survived a vicious animal attack that sounds like the stuff of nightmares, and have navigated your way through the biggest public health the world has undergone for a century! I am not surprised that you are beginning to get emotionally frayed; but from where I am standing you come across as nearer invincible than vulnerable.
For many, any one of those events would be a major life crisis, and you have weathered them all. So yes, be kind to yourself.
Anyone would be drained after dealing with such events in quick succession, and would need time to heal.
Please know that there will be many on this forum who are wishing you well, but have not had time to express their support for you - In fact this is the first reply I have ever posted to the forum having been a passive reader for a while and soaking up information from the replies of others to help my own situation. But wanted to express support to you and your impressive resilience, and yes please be kind to youself, you have dealt with so much.
I hope that you are able to have some period of respite from lifes events to repair and heal and to recharge yourself.


Well said Vic_tor you are I think absolutely right