Just diagnosed - feeling sick with panic

Just had dx after a couple of years of being treated for shoulder problem and stress/anxiety, my GP didn't really believe it but DATScan showed brain degeneration. I'm 50, with a 10 year old son. We are 'ex-pats'. I can't see much of a way forward right now, which is mad as I am still pretty functional. But symptoms seem to be worse since dx first raised as possibility one month ago. There doesn't seem to be the equivalent of Parkinson's nurse/clinics here, so I don't know how to get help and advice with the meds.
My work doctor is very gung-ho, she's expecting me back at work once I've sorted the meds. It seems a fantasy right now.
OH has been great but obviously suffering too.
Does life ever return to something like 'normal'?

yes it does.
though different.

ps where are you?
btw i am at work 4 years after dx.

Hi jjbxl,
I am sorry to read of your difficulties.
It might help if you were to say where you are ex-pats. It occurred to me that there are quite a few foreign based members on this website.
Yes, life does get back to some sort of normality, but you have to make allowances.
As far as sorting out your medication, it is best to read all you can before settling on what to try first.
Good luck! And keep posting.


Hello jjbxl and welcome to the forum. Rest assured jj that there are many many people on this forum who understand just how you are feeling now, immediatley following your diagnosis.

Life is not over, it is just changed! I have been dx for 12 years now and I worked for about 7-8 years following my dx, of course I took some time off work until I settled down on the meds but then returned to work. Please take a look at some of the publications on this site, they are very helpful and the more that you learn about pd the better understanding you will have.

You will have many questions that you would like answered and there are many people on this forum that can offer you advice, answers and support, so please ask the question and somebody will provide an answer for you.

I hope that this helps somewhat, take care.


Thanks for support. I'm based in Brussels, in case anyone reading this has experience in the Belgian system.

hi jjbxl,

welcome to the forum sorry to hear of your dx but life really does go on just not quite the same you are still you i was dx 10yrs ago and only gave up work last year, have you been in contact with parkinsons uk help line they maybe able to tell you how to get help where you are and put you intouch with other ex-pats in your area good luck hope you get some help.sue.

I have been in my present job for 9 years with only 6 days off sick, none of which have happened since my Dx 2 years ago.

PD isn't a death sentence and life carries on pretty much as usual for quite some time, I don't feel much different than I did 2 years ago and am on very low doses of medication. It is a disease that insidiously creeps up on you, bit by bit.

Nothing will happen overnight, giving you time to accept and adjust to each change.

Hopefully your progression will be slow.


hi jjbxl
as you can see from earlier answers to your query, this black hearted disease does not mean the end of the world. It will certainly gradually alter things for you, slthough you will be able to adapt to them. Life will go on albut slightly different. No two people suffer the same problems and prescribed medicine will also have different results from person to person. You are lucky to have a loving understanding family to support you. You will have low days and high days but just take them as they come. What will be will be and there is nothing anyone can do about it. Yes, it is quite a kick in the pants when you are first dx. Just don't give in to it. It may be years before you really start to feel that things are slowly going down hill. Always remember that there are hundreds of us on the forum from all walks of life who are only too happy to share things with you. Cheer up matey. All the best

Hello jjbxl,you are still young, and you can fight and win believe me, life can be a bit awkward at times but,never give in badger your consultant Neuro,if you are not happy with your drug regime but above all don't let BLACKHEART win.

A warm welcome to our special Forum Fedex:smile: