Just Diagnosed

Hell all
My partner has just been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Plus by the consultant
They are following the this up in a letter which we have yet to receive, and have only received an app with the Nurse for mid May, in the meantime we are left with no support or guidance as to where to go next, I asked briefly if the P nurse was the one to assist with benefits and was told no, it is done through social/welfare services. At the current time my partner is still wfh and I still work full time, I was just wanting to know where we can go to get the right info and help that is available to us. Thanks

So sorry about the diagnosis, we are waiting to see what happens with the progression of R’s Parkinson’s to see whether it is that or Parkinson’s Plus. R’s is more likely to have MSA so I did a lot of research on that. If you Google Health Unlocked, there is a really good MSA forum (if that is the type of PPlus) but I assume there will be similar forums for PSP or DLB.