Just diagnosed

Hi There,
I have just been diagnosed positive with idiopathic Parkinson's Disease a week ago Monday at 58 years. My Neurologist rated the progression of the disease at 2.5 on the Modified Hoehn and Yahr Scale.  Unless I have misinterpreted the scale, I believe I am about 7 years into the disease now.
Although I had pre-diagnosed myself as my symptoms were unmistakably Parkinson's in nature, it still came as a bit of a shock when after 30 minutes of examination, my Neurologist confirmed I had PD. I think deep down inside my subconscious, there had burned the faintest flicker of hope that the diagnosis would be, and against all odds, something less malign. It was not to be. When the diagnosis  was confirmed, the tremor in my right hand and leg went off the scale as my anxiety level headed for the stratosphere. I did a good job replicating one of shakers the hardware stores use to mix tins of paint!  Well, it has all sunk in now and I think it is actually a relief to be officially in the Parkinson's system and to be finally receiving treatment to manage my symptoms.
I have been prescribed the DA Ropinirole starting with Requip XL 2 mg for 14 days, then upgrading to 4 mg for the next 14 days with the target set at 6 mg. I have been on the 2 mg for 7 days now. My tremor is unabated as are the other physical symptoms with the exception of the muscle pain experienced in my arm which has abated somewhat. The biggest change so far has been to my mental health. Gone is the angst I would awake with every morning and lasting well into the day. Gone too is the anxiety experienced with every little perceived problem. I believe this has to do with the production of the neurotransmitter serotonin being stimulated by the DA. I have suffered somewhat from nausea, insomnia, fatigue and digestive issues since starting the medication. The nausea, insomnia and fatigue disappeared after 5 days although the digestive issues are still present. I presume I will experience the same symptoms with each 2 mg increase in dosage. The thing that scares me most about taking the DA is the possibility of developing compulsive and obsessive behaviour. God forbid I turn into a pervert!! I have as a precaution requested a few close work colleagues to keep a close eye on me for signs of irrational behaviour. Here's hoping I'm one of the fortunate 75% who do not suffer from these nasty side effects.
One question I do have regards alcohol consumption. I am not a big drinker but do enjoy the occasional pint of fine English ale. The pamphlet  that came with the tablets warns against imbibing alcohol. Is that it? Am I doomed to join the Temperance League or is there hope for me sometime in the future?

i think thats just a general warning they put on most packets, i think this is true Drinking helps the tremors ! but don't go out drinking every night lol any way welcome sumbloke


Hi sumbloke

So you have finally had a DX then, even though you thought you knew it all along. It does take you aback when you hear the results and takes a little while to fully accept the DX, we all think in the long run that they have it wrong, been there and done that. I was started on Ropinirole 2mg in 2012, was DX in 2011 but refused meds until 2012. I now take 16mg per day. There is a lot of bad news about this med, but I am one of the lucky ones who have had no side effects of this medication, and hope that you will be the same. As for the warning about drinking, it hasn't stopped me, I still enjoy the odd glass of wine or whiskey and lemon within moderation. They always warn you when taking any medication about alcohol consumption, it's always your choice.

Hope you do well, take care - Sheffy

Hallo. I was diagnosed in June. It is horrendous and like you, my tremors almost lifted me out of my chair. The meds made me feel instantly better, and you then realise life hasn`t been great for a while.It`s a relief to feel relatively normal. Like you I watch my behaviour. Nothing madder than usual!

Good luck.I`m learning something every day at this stage.

All the best

Hi Gus,

Thank-you for the good news. I will celebrate with a curry and pint on Saturday.

Hi Shefinn & Frances,

Thank-you for the kind wishes.

Good luck with your journey. I too am new to this. I hope the medication works well for you. Enjoy your curry and pint! 


Sumbloke I am going to Private message you.

it was nice chatting to you C the other night i hope your ok xx


Hi  BettyBlue,

Yes, and thank-you for your time and the advice. As mentioned you are the first person with PD I have actually had a conversation with which was wonderful. It means more when it comes from someone who has already walked  the walk as it were.

Cheers Scooby0906. The curry was  great but I  am avoiding the beer for now. The meds and the beer do not get on well together.

hi c,

you may find if you only have say 2 or 3 of a fri and or sat night ( 'mI not suggesting your normally a boozer)

that you system will adjust accordingly. 

GUESS WHO'S BACK IN THE LAND OF THE EMPLOYED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!







Good for you bb ,takes some adjusting when your unable to work & all you friends that you see in the day time then dont !


Well done you BB!

 I'm so pleased for you and you deserve to be happy in your new venture.......

Take it in your stride - Sheffy x

Happy days BB. Let us know how you get on.


Thanks all and I will let you know how it goes xxxxx

Glad to hear--all the best to you. Hope it goes well.

Well done and Good Luck