Just Diagnosed

Hi my name is Ingrid I am 45 and have told i have early onset pd in July . No tablets needed at moment but waiting for care team to contact me xx

Hello Ingrid

I am Karen and was dx at 47 and live in Lincoln i am very good at helping people with there dx and i am happy to help you as well. So i will welcome you to our club sadly none of us would have chosen to join but we have that common link now so we are in in the same boat. 

I can be there for you on the end of the phone if you need a chat let me know and send me your number and I will give you a bell.

This PD to me is a type of bereavement pre PD and post PD the life you led before will eventually chance and if at all possible do not leave it to long before you ask for meds they really can help control your symptoms. 

My Best wishes to you BB xx

Hello Ingrid/dingle

forgive the empty space above, one of those nights, twitchy hands and fingers.

welcome to the forum

Good morning and welcome to the forum, you will hopefully  find it both informative and supportive. 

Do you plan to join your local branch? 

Thankyou xx

Hi Bethankit

Not really thought about what to do next . Nero said my team will contact me that was 5 weeks ago xx