Just joined the community

Hello  My husband was diagnosed last April after a few years  of insisting that his problems were due to his age 84.  It was very distressing to watch him deteriorate and I could tell noone that I was sure he had Parkinsons so to have all the help and support from the nurse, volunteer visitor and local branch was quite overwhelming.  Now he is so much better since taking Madopar. I should like to hear how other people cope and to share any tips.  This forum seems a great help

Hello erscar and welcome to the forum. It is so distressing seeing a loved one suffer but am pleased to hear your husband is now receiving support and there has been a noted improvement. I was diagnosed last July and also take Madopar which is been most helpful for me. It's good that you have a support system around you as it can be quite difficult for the carer also. The members on this forum have been so helpful since I joined so again, welcome and I will see you around the forum. Joanie

Hello Joanie  Thankyou for the welcome.  Like you I am pleased to be in a community that understands all our worries.  I hope to give and receive help here.. Best wishes

Hi erscar, Welcome to the forum. As Joanie says there is lots of info and input from people with PD and carers. All the help at first is overwhelming but try to embrace it. It will make coping easier for you and your husband. I was diagnosed last May and found the help comforting. It does dwindle off but is there if I need it. My dad is 87, he has Parkinson symptoms (from meds taken). He is less mobile now, partly because he doesn't really exercise. So if your husband is still mobile I would encourage movement.

Hi  DivineR

Thank you for your post.  Yes, I try to encourage him to move about the house more and to come out with me when the weather is suitable.  Thankfully, since he has been taking Madopar and has become less stiff, he is keen to move about when he would not do so before he took the medication.   He found great inspiration in the booklet Taking Control of Your Life with Parkinsons that he was given and keeps looking at it from time to time.

That's great erscar, All the booklets are of great help. I dipped in and out of them over the last year. Theres alot to take in. Good luck and post on here if in need of support. Always someone with wise words.